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The Yam System

No description

Paige S.

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Yam System

The Yam System
1. Quicker Communication
The Yam System made communication between the khan and his generals a lot faster than without it.
Intelligence gathering of the Mongol Empire website
2. Royal Orders
Messengers ensured the quick and easy transportation of royal orders and intelligence using the Yam System
1. Scouting
Often times when the Mongols were attacking large targets, such as cities, they would send about 800 scouts two days ahead of the rest of the army and they communicated by the Yam system.
Listverse "10 Amazing Facts About the Mongols" (from InstaGrok)
Intelligence Gathering of the Mongol Empire website
2. Spies
Messengers acted as spies and undercover agents and gathered information about the areas they passed through. This was to see if the military could find weaknesses in rival empires.
A delivery that would have normally taken months to deliver now only took days to deliver
1. On The Move
At the relay stations, messengers would trade off horses and with other messengers so that documents were always on the move without the messengers or horses getting tired.
The Khan And His Generals
2. Faster!
1. Wikipedia Ortoo article

2. Intelligence Gathering of the Mongol Empire website
Research Question
Why did the Mongols feel the need to come up with and use the Yam System?
Claim/Thesis Statement
I think that the Mongols came up with the Yam System so that the khan and his generals could communicate quicker.
Concession Statement
The Mongols used the Yam System for more than just communicating information between the khan and his generals.
Work Cited
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