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Evaluation 4

No description

Samuel Nolan

on 23 March 2016

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Transcript of Evaluation 4

Evaluation 4
Firstly we used google to construct our research on healthy and unhealthy eating including diseases that can be caused by unhealthy eating like obesity and diabetes, following what benefits can come from eating healthier and not from fast processed foods. It also helped us research our codes and conventions for our documentary, radio trailer, print advert and the interviews codes and conventions so because of this we gained more information on the subject we chose that we weren’t aware of already. Another piece of technology we used was an HD video camera to capture footage in HD quality and a tripod to stabilize the camera which is used to avoid any unsteady material. These two bits of equipment were used for all of our clips like handling and preparing food, or people consuming food along with fast food restaurants but we included a clip on mic when encountering the filming process of interviews which we attached onto part of the interviewees clothing, or to film clips that required the audio to be recorded on a specific frequency.
Following this we also used Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6 to produce our preliminary final task and ancillary texts (Radio Trailer) while using this to edit our footage and merge them together we also added screen shots from articles on google to do with specific topics within our chosen subject matter or photos we have taken of gym exercises that are featured in magazines for inspiration to the public. We had previous knowledge from using this software along with Photoshop Cs6 from our As media course which involved similar skills to apply to our work but not in such detail as A2. Using this in As was very helpful because we have developed/improved with both programs and have been able to not only learn but better our skills during the time of the A2 course. In addition to other program presentations we have used such as EMAZE, Prezi, Slideboom and slideshare to present our work in creative forms instead of just simply typing it up and importing it straight on out blogs.
At the beginning of our documentary research we came up with a questionnaire to hand out to a sample of 30 people in the audience. This was very supportive because it was swift and straightforward to receive results and also gave us an idea of what we could include in our documentary and if they would be interested in watching the final product.It proved affective because the results we received were very positive and helped us sufficiently.
"How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?"
This is our questionnaire.
We have also used Microsoft office throughout the majority of the year, for example Microsoft word for our running order, questionnaire, voiceover script and radio trailer, and Microsoft PowerPoint for some other presentation purposes. This enabled up expand our presentational skills a little more and to also use different presentational features.
Finally we used the schools Radio software also known as I.C.E Radio, this was used to record our audio voiceover for our documentary and our radio trailer, we had to use someone who wasn’t from our group and had a voice we felt fitted the voice and guidance of our media products.
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