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Indigenizing Technology

Overview of Indigenizing Technology's subsidery Companies

Myron Dewey

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Indigenizing Technology

Indigenizing Technology
Digital Smoke Signals
Social Media & Film
Website Building
Digital Language Preservation
Graphic Design
Media Training
Build Kiosk iPad Presentations
Media & Technology Consulting
Wireless Consulting
Computers 101 Training
Digital Inventory (Archiving, articulating the depreciated value of current hardwarde and software).
Media Training
iPad Kiosk Presentations
Digital Language Preservation
Digital Photography
Audio Recording
Media, Computer, Software purchasing/Training/Consulting
Bringing Analog to Digital
Create iPad Interactive Apps
DSS Business Apps
Create Mobile App
Create Website App
Create iPad App
Create Android App
iPad Kiosk Presentations
iCreate eBooks
Create interactive iPad App for training manuals, language tutorials with Graphic Design, Audio and Media
Branding & Digital Branding
Create a full business solution online and offline.
Business Cards, Website
Logo Creation
T-Shirts with Logo, Marketing Material.
iPad Branded Kiosk Presentation
Business Presentations
Myron Dewey MA" Paiute/Shoshone
Owner of Digital Smoke Signals a Social Media & Film Company, Indigenizing Technology a Technology Consulting Company, DSS Business Apps a Mobile App Company and iCreate eBooks a iPad eBook Company
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