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English school business plan outline

No description

Stephen Pan

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of English school business plan outline

The school will use different subject matters to allow students to experience and learn English in a personally stimulating way. With the use of activities based in teaching certain aspects in each subject area where core concepts of each subject can be taught in an exclusive way.
The curriculum will revolve around teaching core principles that are a part of the new standards for science, language, and math. These standards are developed with the intent of better preparing students for each level of schooling with the utimate goal of nurturing each student to become a well balanced college student.

Math and Problem solving in English
This course involves introducing kids to math problems and words in English. This course will also help them develop problem solving skills for words and complex problems.
English Through Games
The idea is to teach English with students trying to reach a goal while acheiving success in the various games that are played.
Lifestyle English
A course designed to introduce English words and sayings that occur in daily life. In addition, the course will allow students to practice and get comfortable with addressing situations encountered in the daily life in America.
The object of the science class is to explore the world and the English language through investigation and inquisition.
Newspaper Class
This class involves the development of a newspaper that is written and organized by the students. With the guidance of the teacher, students will work together to write the articles and design their own newspaper for production.
Listening Skills Class
This course will encompass kids learning the skills of listening and understanding English. They will be exposed to various forms of listening activities that will help them become acquainted with the accent and speed of speech of native speakers. The course will also include reading and writing activities as well. Accent adjustment will also be addressed with exercises to help improve students speech pattern
Library Read Along
This activity will be held periodically for free to all parents and kids who want to participate. This will mainly be geared towards age 4 to 7. A book or two along with a theme, song, and activity will be planned for the event.
Major Themes of Science
1. Understanding the structure of an experiment in English.
2. Be able to explain ideas and conclusions in English
3. Be able to formulate questions using English
4. Understand procedures and demonstrations that use English
Concepts that emphasize core concepts
Identifying and interpreting patterns
Cause and Effect
Scale and Measurement
The natural world

The aim of the school is to prepare kids
for the rigors of participating and learning
in an English language environment. The ultimate
goal is to prepare a student to seamlessly enter
into anEnglish speaking school

Core Concepts Emphasized
1. Introduce and practice vocabulary, sayings, and situations that occur in daily life.
2. Have students gain confidence in dealing with common situations that occur in America.
3. Students are able to fluidly and confidently use English to talk about daily life.
Core Concepts Emphasized
1. Improve reading and comprehension of reading material
2. Develop writing skills with emphasis on structure and flow of writing.
3. Enhance speaking skills
4. Increase vocabulary knowledge
English Language Program for 6-12 year olds
Core Principles Emphasized
1. Learn the basic math terminology in English
2. Introduce ,recognize, and decipher words with multiple meanings
3. Recognize key words in a problem and use them to help solve the problem.
4. Know what specific math related phrases and words mean
5. Be able to read, comprehend, and solve a word problem in English.
Core Principles Emphasized
1. Be able to identify key points of an article
2. Understand how a newspaper is organized and written
3. Write a coherent and comprehendible article
4. Work as a team to accomplish a goal
5. Use creative skills to determine a direction for the paper.
Core Principles Emphasized
1. Introduce the concept of English being enjoyable
2. Introduce English books
3. Practice listening skills
4. Promote parent involvement in child's language development
5. Develop a child's English language
Core Principles
Student can clearly understand English from video and audio recordings
Student is able to answer questions in relation to what is heard audibly
Student can understand various accents of English
Student can hold a conversation with a native speaker
Stephen Pan; Tacoma, WA 2013
Stephen Pan; Tacoma, WA 2013
Stephen Pan; Tacoma, WA 2013
Stephen Pan; Tacoma, WA 2013
Stephen Pan; Tacoma, WA 2013
Stephen Pan; Tacoma, WA 2013
Stephen Pan; Tacoma,WA 2013
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