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Senne De Rooy

on 14 June 2015

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Transcript of UAE

The role of the mosque
Festivals, Celebrations and Feasts
There are many traditional holidays
There are many interesting events
The celebrations are connected with the traditional culture of Islam
There are events related to sports, shopping and tourism

Islam prompted mankind to learn.From the beginning of Islamic history, the Mosque became the centre of learning. The Arabic word for university, Jami'a, was derived from Jami' (mosque).
Majlis: Means a pace of sitting
It is for different special gatherings
For administrative,social or religious
In countries with relations to islamic countries
Family Life
Family life in the UAE is very traditional. Even though times have changed, families will still carry traditions. Most of the families in the UAE are very big. The families have often got lots of relatives and often if you ask, people don't actually know all their names!
U.A.E old houses
There are three different types of house

Barasti houses for fisherman
Permanent houses fr noormal people
Wind to

The U.A.E. is in middle east Asia.
It is at the top of the Arabian peninsula.
Its two neighboring countries are Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The current ruler is Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The U.A.E. stands for United Arab Emirates

. The colors on the flag represent the following:
White - peace and honesty
Red - hardiness, bravery, strength & valor
Green - hope, joy and love & in many cultures have a sacred significance
Black - the defeat of enemies or determination

On December the second 1971 the UAE flag was first presented.

The national bird of the U.A.E is a falcon.

The currency of the U.A.E is dirhams

People stand when a flag is hoisted out of respect for their country.

Background information on the UAE
There are two main tribes in the U.A.E.

The Al shamsi tribe located in an island in Abu Dhabi

The Bani Yas tribe which originates in an oasis in Liwa

Tribesman are known as Bedouins

The native men wear the dish dash which is an ankle length shirt with headpiece

The women usually wear an abaya (completely covered)

Tribes people usually lived near an oasis because they need a water source in the desert
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