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Sarah learning log

No description

sarah burrell

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Sarah learning log

Sarah's learning log!
prime meridan
interntion date line
-a bowl shaped indent in the earth.
-cutting down trees.
- less plants or animals or less quality.
The absolute location of Windhoek, Namibia is 17 degrees E, and 23 degrees S. The relative location of Windhoek, Namibia is south of Angola.
Apartheid in South Africa is where blacks were not treated as good as whites were. Blacks were also segregated for whites in most places such as restaurants , buses , and neighborhoods.
Have more people get tested , and make more and more jobs so Africans can have more money to buy medicine.
HIV and AIDS are in South Africa because they do not have money to educate people about how it spreads so the keep doing it because they do not know they are spreading it
1. The kingdom of Mali
2. Wealth of Mali
3. The Empire of Ancient Ghana
4. Wealth of Ancient Ghana
The kingdom of Mali and Ancient Ghana.
Lake Chad gets bigger in the rainy season and smaller in the dry but it is getting smaller over all.
Mt.Killamanjore is not one volcano but three volcano.
Women Micro-Entrepreneurs
They are women who start and run small businesses.They are helping Africa by making more jobs for Africans. With more jobs people can have more money.
My favorite thing was Mali and Ghana. Because I like history.
Horses racing is popular in South Africa. The sport has a long and rich history. The sport can be traced back to 1797

Mediterranean Sea
Red Sea
Persian Gulf
There are many ways that Southwest and Central Asia are similar and different. One way they are different is that Southwest and Central Asia is mostly deserts and mountains. One way that they are similar is that Southwest Asia is a peninsulas and Michigan is too. One other way they are different is Southwest and Central Asia has in land seas.
1. 100 B.C Byzantium became part of the roman empire
2. 306 A.D city name becomes to Constantinople.
3. 1453 city becomes Istanbul.
4. 1922 ottoman empire fell.
5. 1923 Istanbul was not the capital city of Turkey.
Jesus and his parents went to Jerusalem for the passover. His parents started to go home but Jesus stayed there. His parents thought he was in the group they were traveling in. They started to look for him when they did not find him the went back to Jerusalem . They found him in the temple. They asked him why have you done this. Jesus said did you not know i had to be in my fathers house.
South Korea
My favorite thing that we learned about the Middle East was the religions. I like that because it was interesting to learn how other religions were different from you're
The subject that we didn't learn about in the Middle East that I would like to know more about is food. There are some recipes that are popular in the Middle East. Hummus is mashed chickpeas dip made with Tahiti, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice served with pita bread. Another recipe that is popular in the Middle East is Turkish delight which are sweet candies called lucun in the Middle East made from sugar and corn starch.
Western Ghats
Eastern Ghats
Yellow Sea
Plateau of Tibet
Bay of Bengal
Kasai wins silver medal for japan in ski jumping
Rain comes from the sky
it rains it rains all day the
rain the rain the rain

Arctic Foxes
Arctic foxes live in brows and in a blizzard the dig a hole in the snow to find shelter. In the wild there life sand is 3-6 years
Vietnam- communist

China - communist
India - democratic
Ms. Makl
Humid subtropical
Mixed forest
Tokyo is in Japan and Japan is east of the sea of Japan
35 degrees north and 140 degrees east
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