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Business Model Innovation


Ahmad Hadi

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Model Innovation

It seeks to solve customer
problems and satisfy
costumer needs with
Value Propositions Business Model Innovation Ahmad Fathi Hadi Business Model Canvas Pattern fathi@tandif.com +6281808497749 facebook.com/ahmadfathihadi ? The 9 building blocks Customer
Segments Value
Proposition Channels Customer
Relationships Revenue
Streams Key
Resources Key
Activities Key
Partnerships Cost
Structure An organization serves
one or several Customer
Segements Value propositions
are delivered to customers
through communication,
distribution and Sales Channels Customer Relationships
are established and
maintained with each
Customer Segment Revenue Streams result
from value propositions
succesfully offered to
customers Key Resources are the
asste required to offer
and deliver the previously
described elements... ... by performing a
number of Key Activities Some activities are
outsourced and some
resources are acquired
outside the enterprise The business model
elements result in the
cost structure 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. iPod / iTunes Old Record Label Skype Resource-Driven Amazon Web Service Offer-Driven Cemex Customer-Driven 23andMe Finance-Driven Xerox Multiple-Epicenter-Driven Hilti Unbundling Long Tail Multi-Sided Platform Free as a Business Mode Open Business Model Customer Relationship Product Inovation Infrastructure Mobile Telco ? Brand Customer Relationship Selling less of more Focus on a large number of product, each selling in low volumes Book Publishing Industry Visa Google Nintendo Advertising Bait & Hook Freemium Open Source Free Mobile Phone Razor & Blades Inside-Out Outside-In Buy Innovation! Sell Innovation! Design Customer Insights Empathy Map Design Attitude Strategy Evaluating Business Models Blue Ocean SWOT Eliminate Raise Reduce Create Q&A Thank You! Cell Phones Faster PCs, more disk storage space Rolls-Royce Jet Engine Rolex Nano Car Service guarantee NetJets iPod & iTunes Electronics sector Golf Training, car part manufacturers Bank Amazon.com Credit Card Physical product Telecom operator Gym Zipcar Intellectual property Real estate agents Media industry Auctions Buildings, vehicles, machines Hospitals, Consultant eBay.com, Visa credit card Reduce cost, outsourcing, sharing infrastructure Blu-ray, Open screen project License Manufacturing Music Festivals Ryanair JW Marriott Hotel Epicenters
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