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Dumb Blond

No description

Klaudia Janik

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Dumb Blond

Dumb Blond Hot Airhead Skinny Useless All of these words, are words that come to peoples heads when they see a blond woman. There are many jokes and saying about blondes that are stereotypical, insulting and rude to blond women. The End!!!! Blond teenagers Most of the time if you are watching a movie and there is a teenager in the movie that is blond, they are either dumb/airheads, mean, the popular girl, sluts or a cheerleader. Cheerleader Mean The popular girl Not only is Regina an airhead in school but she is the mean girl at school, she is rich, the most popular girl and she has a new boyfriend every week. "girly girl" An example of this is a move called "Mean Girls" One of the main characters is a blond girl named Regina George. This describes her as an airhead, a slut, the rich girl, the mean girl and the popular girl. Blond Women Blond teenagers aren't the only ones that people have stereotypes against. People seem to think that blond women were teen moms, and are the cleaning/cooking lady of the house. They are usually seen as 'hot' and usually single moms. Rich In this commercial a women uses an iPod shuffle as a pregnancy test. It's just calling this woman stupid. Personally, I think that the commercial is just plain dumb itsself. It says nothing about the iPod shuffle and all it does is insult blond women. This commercial is comparing a blond women to a car. The line "beuty is nothing without brains" is saying that blondes are pretty but they are useless because they have no brain. They are saying that a car has more use because it had a "brain" as in good functions AND it's pretty so it's better than that blond. Blond women are just like any other women
and shouldn't be described otherwise. They are not dumber, they are not richer, they are not prettier and all those other things. They are like any other person so they shouldn't be treated like a completly different one. They are not plastic dolls that you can play with like most stereotypes seem to think and they aren't airheads. The 'dumb blond' jokes may be funny, but they are not true and they are insulting. This is not how women should be described slut
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