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Do violent video games cause behavior problems?

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Gabriel Herrera

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Do violent video games cause behavior problems?

Do violent video games make people

Spending large amounts of time playing violent video games can cause aggressive thoughts and behavior. It cause problems to kids that have emotional feelings and learning problems. Kids have behavior problems because of the violent video games are not rated for children .
Becoming Violent
Parents drag away the video games because those games affect their kids behavior. Sometimes the behavior they get turns the kid really violent that it makes them do violent crimes and maybe lead them to jail. The only reason some people do violent crimes is because they play violent video games . If you play to much violent video games you could become violent .
The reason why people have behavior problems when playing violent video games is because they get stress , becoming violent, and the video game itself. Some people may argue that violent crimes happen because of violent video games and other may not. They are many cases that people do violent stuff because the violent video games made them violent.
People getting stress playing games
When a person does a crime people think they do it for revenge, they need money, or they just want to do it. Sometimes that is not the case sometimes that person spends alot of time playing violent video games. When they started making violent video games children started liking them and got addicted to them. As the years passed game makers started making violent video games because it was one of the most played games.
Violent video games have a higher rate of stress then normal video games.When people play violent video games and they die or lose they get stress because they were on a good high score. Stress is more common to people that play violent video games.
Little kids playing violent games
By: Gabriel Herrera
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