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Aaron Copland

No description

brian Charbonneu

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Aaron Copland

Studied Composition with Karl Goldmark 1917-1921
Wouldn't let him see Charles Ives "Concord" Sonata
Studied piano with Clarence Adler 1919-1921
Graduated from high School in 1918
left for Fontainebleau Paris in 1921 roomed with Harold Clurman
Harold soon to be American theater director and
drama critic
Things get cookn'
Aaron Copland
an American composer

BIG Pieces
Appalachian Spring
Lincoln Portrait
Fanfare for the Common Man
Slowed down " it was as if someone turned the spigot off" in 40's
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
"Big Aaron"
Fontainebleau & Big Break
Born Nov 14th,1900, Brooklyn
Parents were Jewish Russian Immigrants
Changed from Kaplad to Copland
Last of Five kids that lived with Mom and
dad above the shop
Went public school
Loved Camp Carey as a kid
He was known Big Brian because of younger cousin named Brian
Studied with Nadia Boulanger from 1921-1924
1925 Boulanger performed Symphony for Organ and Orchestra
1925 "Dance Symphony" won a competition Sponsored by RCA
Great Depression Hits He works odd jobs to stay afloat
1928 part of Copland-Sessions Concerts encourages new composers
1928-1931 Yaddo 32 Yaddo Festival of Contemporary music

Asked to come to Santa Fe and befriended Carlos Chavez
1935 Creates
The Young Pioneers
El Salon Mexico
Second Hurricane
38 Billy The Kid (Ballet )
Branches out into theater

Branches into Film
Of Mice and Men
Our town
Red Pony
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