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No description

Maxine Souvenir

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of technology

In early 1900's,technology revolutionized automobile production causing a increase in supply technology New technology can have a powerful impact on supply by changing the way products are produced. Technology caused product production to increase for less money The TV – an 'Icon' of American culture for three-quarters of a Century - is obsolete. And in the UK the same can be said of the telly. . .The most familiar focal point in family living-rooms for generations, the traditional NTSC-Analog Television set – the one everyone had because it was the only one available – Is No More! http://www.hdtvinfoport.com/ This solitary symbol, after standing steadfast through so many decades, TV as we knew it – Your TV – has now been replaced. Through the evolution of display technology, a new television has emerged since television people watch tv for the news
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