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Government Project

Francesca Abraham

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Communism

Communism By: Natalie Morcos, Clara Anne Liu, and Francesca Abraham Basic Facts Communism in North Korea Comparison to China Facts Economy How it Works Leaders Interesting Facts Characteristics Chairman Mao Comparison to North Korea Economy Communism in China Mean and cold-hearted China is very rich. China has more money than North Korea. In theory, equal and fair
100% government power
Harsh punishments for disobeying Leaders are chosen by:
Taking over the country somehow
The leader can choose someone
The leaders do not follow the same rules as everyone else, they do not have to give thier money to the poor Communist countries have tried to take over the world many times, i.e. Russia's Stalin
A book called Red Scarf Girl tells the story of a girl who grew up during Chairman Mao's oppression This government is based on the idea that everyone should be treated exactly the same and that everything should be equal
So, the government owns everything and literally takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor
The government provides healthcare, education, and welfare North Korea has less money than China North Korea has a lot of nuclear power
Their military power is big
Most children are malnourished North Korea is very poor
Their manufactured things are valued at less than two thousand dollars Advantages Disadvantages The government has the authority. For example: War/violence Essentially it's not fair because lazy people automatically get money and people who work hard for their money don't get what they've earned. Customs If your pant legs weren't wide enough to fit your leg and a beer bottle, your pants were cut up
Your shoes cannot be pointy
Religions were dissmissed as fourolds or superstitions Some of Chairman Mao's F
S & The government decides on what the people can have, rather than what they want or need
Most all businesses are owned and controlled by the government
Everybody is working, and most have nothing
Oppressive In theory, it is supposed to spread out the money equally Thank you for watching! re there
questions? Let's see who's been paying attention. Q: What did Chairman Mao do to people whose pant legs didn't fit a beer bottle and their leg in? Question Section 1 A: He cut up their pants Q:Who has the authority in communism? A: The government has the authority. Q: What idea is communism based on? A: The idea that everyone and everything should be equal and fair. Nice job! Question Section T
o Q: Does China or North Korea have more money? A: China Q: What are some of the advantages of communism? A: Answers will vary, possible answer: in theory, everything is perfectly fair A: Answers will vary, possible answer: The government decides on what the people can have, rather than what they want or need, most all businesses are owned and controlled by the government, everybody is working, and most have nothing Q: What are some of the disadvantages of communism? You guys are good! Thank you again for watching! We hope you learned a lot! re there any
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