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Concert Systems Presentation Project

No description

Chanel Francis

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Concert Systems Presentation Project

Event Management
Research each event to include; the target audience, why they should attend, the anticipated benefits of attending and satisfaction criteria, target dates and venues, financial objectives and pricing strategy, a budge and arrange for the stage display and front of room set, and all other audio and visual requirements;
Stage Crew
Stage crews are a part of the backstage team, and the work can vary according to the scale of the event. There work can also involve; Transporting all the equipment needed for the event, Working as part of a wider team to set up all the equipment and cabling for events, which can include lighting, sound systems, computers, instruments, microphones, video equipment and screens, Ensuring the safety and security of all equipment, during transportation and at the venue, Paying close attention to health and safety issues and some stage crews may also be involved in the tuning and maintenance of musical instruments.
Tour & Transport Management
Tour managers are responsible for organising the logistics of a band this mat include; Travelling with the artists to the venue, Managing the transportation of instruments and PA systems (orchestras don’t use PA systems) to and from venues and overseeing the installation on-site and Dealing with any problems or issues that arise during the tour and liaising with venue management.
Concert Systems Presentation Project
FOH Roles
The front of house engineer controls what the audience hears during a live performance. There primary concern is to ensure superior sound quality within the venue. To do that, the engineer must blend together instruments and vocals to achieve a perfectly balanced sound. Without the proper mix from the soundboard, the work of the musicians on stage is wasted.
In a touring environment, the FOH engineer is ultimately in charge of all audio equipment and supervises a crew of technicians through load-in, sound check, performance, and load-out. They are responsible to the band and tour manager for the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of all audio gear. During the performance, the FOH engineer is located in front of the stage, usually in the middle of the audience
Stage Management
Production Management
Crowd Management
The role of stage manager is to make live stage performances run smoothly. A stage manager organises all practical and technical aspects of rehearsals and shows, and make sure that all crew and performers are in the right place at the right time.
Other roles for Stage managers would consist of; organising rehearsals, working with others to plan wardrobe and sound and lighting, keeping the 'prompt copy' of the script - (which notes the performers' positions on stage, script changes, and the props, lighting and sound needed for each scene), supervising the 'get in' and 'get out' - (when the set and equipment are set up before the show and taken down afterwards), giving cues for the performers to go on stage and cueing the technical crew for sound and lighting effects.
The Production Management must contract for services such as lighting, sound, trucking, rigging, bussing, and catering. Production Management roles include; Assembling a team of technical and management staff to ensure the success of the event, Attending meetings with artists, sound and lighting specialists, and other staff to include the artistic director to plan every aspect of the concerts/gigs, Operating strictly within the allocated budget, and managing finances, Ensuring that health and safety legislation is closely followed, Dealing with any problems that may arise, and liaising closely with the stage manager and tour manager and Scheduling media interviews and dealing with fans where appropriate
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