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Beng & Brain

No description

Suhailin H

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Beng & Brain

Brain vs Beng Definition of Behaviorism: Theory that explains learning in terms of behavior that can be observed due to the influence by environment stimuli. Classical Conditioning

Individual learns to produce an involuntary emotional or phychological response. Operant Conditioning

Learning how to behave in certain ways as we operate on the environment. 4 types of
operant conditioning:
positive reinforcement
negative reinforcement
positive punishment
negative punishment Behaviorism is important for teaching and learning because it gives the teacher the power to increase or decrease a student's behavior.
The 2 types of behaviorism are: Punishment is a process that weakens or supresses a specific behavior. There are 2 types: presentation punishment and removal punishment. Presentation Punishment (positive punishment):
Decreases the chance of that behavior occurring again by presenting an aversive stimulus following the behavior. Synopsis:
The story takes place in Waffles Institution – a school famous for having notorious students with never-ending disciplinary issues. Amongst the students of the school, Sec 3NT is considered the worst class. It is another English lesson for Sec 3NT. Ms Aikan, the class's English teacher, has to handle naughty students like hyperactive Romeo who is always disruptive in class and vain Ju-Lian who values her beauty more than anything else.
Due to lack of discipline in class, Ms Aikan and Ms Velly - the discipline mistress, have to present punishment to the students. In the course of it, Ms Velly has to resort to caning and suspending Romeo. After a week, Romeo and Ju-Lian show an improvement in their behavior. Zafirah
Miss Aikan
Tekkit Kah Wai
Narrator Kok Wee
Shuaisenagger Lyana
Ju-Lian Riyan
Beng Suhailin
Miss Velly
TheGarang De-Brief:

1. Ms Aikan told Romeo and the class to go back to their seats and she whispered “Shhhhhh!”.
2. She punished Ju-Lian by getting her to copy pages from her textbook.
3. Punishment for Romeo to stand at the back of the class for his unruly behavior.
4. Ms Velly caned Romeo for being disruptive and fighting with a student in class.

Improved in behavior:
1. Romeo apologized to teacher and promised to be attentive in class.
2. Ju-Lian and Romeo brought their textbooks for Ms Aikan's class. 1 week later.... The End
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