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WJEC AS Media Studies

Exam Preparation

George Hedley

on 12 May 2012

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Transcript of WJEC AS Media Studies

AS Media Studies Question 1 Textual Analysis 2 3 Question Audience Representation Question L A S T M Skyline MASTHEAD ANCHORAGE LEXIS TYPOGRAPHY This Is England The Dark Knight Shifty 40 Marks Comment on One Question How is the audience readched? Barthes SEA Symbolic Enigmatic Action Adorno Compare and Contrast Hypodermic Needle Effect Target Audience Visual Codes Layout and Design Language and Mode of Address Usually 3 Questions 6+9+15 30 Marks Suggest Different Audiences Explore how the audience has been targeted Discuss audience attration Case Studies Not Stimuli Stimulus Stimulus SMALT One aspect missing?! With Reference to examples, Explore a given represenation One Question 30 marks O'shaughnessy and Stadler Helsby Constructed Reflected Naomi Wolf Beauty myth is not good.
"Prevents the man from actually seeing the woman" D A E Discuss/Describe Analyse Examine Laura Mulvey Gammon and Marshment Male Gaze Female Gaze Laura Mulvey Psychoanalysis Anything sexual is male dominated Hollywood manipulates visual pleasure Antonio Gramsci Ideology Hegemony denotes predominance of one social class other another. Subverted the theory of Karl Marx we're led to believe something is right due to repetition Their view of reality is subverted Brought them into a new age Karl Marx Suggested Equality Foundation of modern Comunism. Archetype Stereotype Countertype Challenges a stereotype Ultimate stereotype An icon - Instantly understood Audiences begin to believe they're true They're not complex people Age/class/gender/ethnicity Age/class/gender/ethnicity Age/class/gender/ethnicity The Gaze How the audience views
the representation Hegemony How people in
power maintain power Scopophillia Pleasure in looking - Freud 1905 Get most pleasure out of looking at
human face and form Active male Passive female Represenation Re-Presentation Looks at audience or to the side Looking at TV within the text Who is viewing the text One character looking at another Intradiegetic Gaze Extradiegetic Gaze Intra Intradiegetic Gaze Spectators Gaze Patriotism Capitalism Marriage and Family Male Superiority Right way to live Men most suited to power Production of capital and consumption of
surplus value as a life goal Love one's country Extending life experience from a media text Vicarious Belief systems Newspapers Objective Stand back from them - Informative, widely agreed Subjective Descriptive - Beliefs, not everybody would agree Intertextuality Incorporate and cross-reference media texts Propoganda Ideology - Not necessarily true but fed information suggesting it is Left Wing Even approach to society Right Wing Earn for own living and own all posessions Film Language Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Different layers of needs Have to achieve each layer before moving Basic at bottom. Complex at top For GCSE but helpful
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