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Natalie Yu

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Feudalism

Natalie, Juno, Tak Ying and Tiffany
Pros and Cons of Feudalism
1-It is a system where everyone has a rank and is included in the society.

2-The rich people are allowed to expand their land without needing to share it with other people.

3-The system allows people to be able to control what they want on their property, in other words, they have freedom.
1-The King back then had all the power, which meant that the people almost had no right to say anything.

2.-The people had to pay high taxes to the people who protect them.

3.-The system was created for people who are rich and have much land, which meant there are people who are poor who doesn't get enough of what they need, for example food, clothing and shelter.
Towards the end of the Middle Ages, the Feudalism systems was broken down.
The original system of nobility and Kings etc. were broken down in to smaller ranks.
This fragmentation of powers is one of the major development which eventually lead to the modernized version of Feudalism.
The system of land ownership and duties
THE SYSTEM (and the rest of the definition) OF FEUDALISM!!
The King
Simply put, he controls all lands and appoints the roles as Nobility.
The Nobility
They are the top dogs after the King.
The King can hand land down to them.
They can also hand the land too......
They can do whatever they want with the given space.
(probably not that much land....)
After they get the land, the "land" is now called: "fiefs"
These men are trained from age 7 onwards, they have a pretty tough life training to become a knight.
They, however, can still hand down the land.......
They are the Navy Seals in the middle ages, they provided military service and nobility and the King whenever on demand.
These people are under the knight's rule
Vassals control peasants and common people to work under them. They work on the fiefs to grow food for the King, Knights and Nobility.
The Vassals
The Commoners
Pretty much, you can summarize it to this:
The King gives land to Nobility
=> Nobility gives land to Knights
=> Knights give land to Vassals
=> In return the Knights get food from the Vassals
=> In return, the Knights give protection and food to the Nobility
=> In return the King gets essentially: EVERYTHING!
Or you could just zoom up to this picture and have a look.....
The half of the definition is here.....
Before, Feudalism was something large in the Middle Ages.
Nowadays Feudalism is still found (very scarcely) around India, Pakistan and parts of Africa, Scotland and England.
Thanks for watching and listening to our presentation!

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