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Informing you on Daoism

MiAsia Bartley

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Daoism

Our explanation of Daoism Daoism Taoism (modernly: Daoism) religious tradition that emphaizes living in harmony
with the Tao.The term Tao means "way","path" or " principle". Daoism traces its roots to 6th Century BC . Daoism has been continuously developing and transforming itself through China, Korea and Japan for some two thousand years. What is Daoism? Daoism was NOT a religion at first. It became a philosophy THEN that developed into a religion.
The religion was based off of the teachings from philosopher Lao Tzu. Developed in the third century. People who followed this religion were often called Daoists. There goal was to live in harmony with nature. This goal could not be accomplished in a normal society. In the results Daoists cut them selves off from normal society. Daoists Daoists focused on themselves. Often in a quiet,peaceful place Daoists. In helped them be in centered with Dao. Daoists con't Unlike other religions for example ,Confucianism Daoism scorned powerful people. They saw eye to eye with common people. Their Thoughts One reason for this is that the history of Daoism is one of continuous change rather than a one single thought throughout Daoism has no single founder, such as Jesus or the Buddha, nor does it have a single key message, such as the gospel or the four noble truths. Daoism is more of a continuous self-invention.
In the picture above it is supposedly Confucius meeting Lao Tzu one of the early philosophers of Daoism.* Animation http://goanimate.com/go/movie/0KagUmBJf4T4?utm_source=emailshare&uid=0Dfut-YyEQKY
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