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Charlie Feehan's boots

A timeline of Charlie's different boots throughout the novel

Liam Cahill

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Charlie Feehan's boots

Dad's boots
Prior to working for Squizzy, Charlie wears his
father's boots which were one of only few items
for Charlie to remember his late father by. The
boots are not only too big for Charlie but are old
and tattered with Charlie using newspaper to fill
the empty spaces. His father's boots are big
shoes to fill both literally and metaphorically.
Squizzy's boots
When Charlie starts working for Squizzy
he is given new boots to replace his
ruined ones. At first he wore them only
at work but after the incident with his Ma
he began wearing them home.
Back to Dad's boots
When the Fitzroy Vendetta begins, Squizzy
becomes angry and violent towards Charlie.
Charlie goes on to quit the job and leaves
Squizzy his boots while taking back his
Black spikes
These spikes signal a fresh start
for Charlie after he enters the
Ballarat Mile under the coaching of
Mr Redmond. Although his boxing
career was a flop, Charlie went on
to win the Mile and enough prize
money to set his family up.
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