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Eco friendly Muslim mosque

No description

Georgie S

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Eco friendly Muslim mosque

How we will save energy
Solar pannels in unused space.
littlest amout of electricity
Reuse paper
Left over food can be fed to the Chickens
Our Eco Friendly Mosque
By Georgie, Aarushi, Lauren and Harriet

Where will we position it?
Organic food, Compost site.
Different people to cook each week.
Rain water to clean water
Our Eco-Friendly Garden
Plenty of nature.
Fruit tree's
Vegatable patch.
Teach other about the enviroment
How we will reduce traffic
Money that we raise will go to the Mosque
Shuttle Bus
Not on any main roads
Foot paths and cylce tracks
Our eco friendly Mosque will look like...
Facing Mecca (which is south east)
Easily accesible
In the Wales countryside, near Snowdon.
Pentagon shaped -
There will be two entrances on the opposite side of mecca, Store ther shoes and wash there feet.
On the left side there will be some toilets
On the right side there be a classroom/ seminar room. this will also be where meetings are held to discuss ways to improve the mosque.
There will also be a reflective room .
The final room will be the kitchen
Outside our pentagon - like shaped mosque, there will be two minarets
Behind the mosque there will be a garden will contain.
a pond- s.
A hen house -
Fruit trees-
A canopy-

Local Wildlife
Bird feed.
Animal Houses.
Posters and Seminars
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