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Our Capstone Project:

No description

Hannah V

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Our Capstone Project:

By: Hannah Vu , Astoria Davis, and, Nyanah Fussell
Gray Wolfs communicate by howling to each other. When they are hunting they hunt in groups also known as packs. When they are hunting and stumble into other packs when they find their meal they howl or growl at them to tell them to back off their meal.
Wolf Attitudes, Life Span/Cycle
A Closer Look
A Grey Wolf's life span in the wild is 6 to 8 years. Their life cycle is first a pup then after 4 to 6 years the parent wolf teaches the pup how to hunt and care for itself. Then after a few more years and the wolf pup will fully develop into a full sized adult wolf and the adult wolf will find another adult wolf to mate with. Then the cycle will begin again.
Grey Wolf Exhibit
Grey Wolves are fierce wild animals that are carnivores and they are mammals. Their average height for a adult is 2.6- 2.8 (At shoulder) Their average weight is 110 lbs. They are mostly found in Asia, Alaska, Canada.
The Grey Wolf
Gray Wolves are carnivores that eat meat and small rodents such as rats and mice. Gray Wolves also eat deer, elk,and foxes. They do not eat humans or any of their kind.
Gray Wolf Diet
Gray Wolves are found in Canada, Alaska,Europe and woodlands. But unfortunately Gray Wolves are going endangered around these areas because hunters and fur traders are hunting for wolves for their fur or to expand the land for housing and business. These areas of climate is good for gray wolves because gray wolves like cold places and if they lived in hot places they would get tired and sweaty because of their fur.
Where Gray Wolves are Found
How Much Would it Cost to House a Grey Wolf for One Year
If you wanted to house and care for a wolf for one year it would cost you $ 1,635.20 All of this money counting taming, food, and their natural habitat.
1 yr
Grey Wolf Diagram
If you are walking around or taking a hike in the woods and you find sticks or twigs with teeth marks on them you may have found a wolf den. Just don't bother the wolves.
Wolves are the largest member of the dog family.
Wolves are highly associated animals that travel and hunt in groups
Thanks for Watching!
Good Bye!

Interesting Facts
Save the Wolves!!!!
This is a diagram of a gray wolf.
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