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Saving Zasha

No description

Tyler Haugle

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Saving Zasha

The book, I have chosen to do my report on is, "Saving Zasha". In this Prezi, I will give a... somewhat brief
summary of the book. The book takes place in post World War II, Russia. A young boy, named Mikhail, around the age of 12 or 13, thinks his father is dead. After being captured and killed in the war. Remember that! Anyways, he was searchig for clover, for his horse to eat. On his way, he runs into a man, by the name of Petr. "Please help me!" Petr says. He had been injured by other Russians trying to steal his German Sheperd. You may remember I said this is after World War II. Russia was so disgusted with Germany, that they were ridding their country of anything to do with, or made in Germany... Including breeds of dogs, bred from Germany. Mikhail takes the man to his secluded
farmhouse. So his mother can nurture
him. Unfortunatley, Petr dies in the middle of
that night. Leaving Mikhail and his family with Zasha. Petr's German Sheperd. Mikhail really wants to keep Zasha, and at first, his mother is reluctant, but she gives the idea more thought, and decides that if Zasha is kept a secret, she can stay. Mikhail's older brother (Nikolai) and his younger sister (Rina) gladly except Zasha into the home. But here comes Katia Klukova. The local
newspaper editor's daughter. Who wants to be a journalist. She follows around Irina. (the actual newspaper journalist) She is always asking questios and getting i people's personal buisness. After Mikhail and his family turned in Petr
(The man who died at the beginning of the book) she analyzed Petr with the police officers. And they found dog hairs. After that, she is obsessed with finding this man's dog. Katia, goes to great extents trying to find the dog, in Mikhail's home. It's later revealed that Katia loves dogs! And wants Petr's dog to herself. Basically, for the rest of the book, Mikhail and his family must keep Zasha safe, from Katia, and a few dog thieves. With the hel of Dimitri Moravsky. An old soldier, who is planning on creating an all Russian dog, called "The Superdog!" At the end of the book, his father returns home
and explains what happened in the war. Zasha
is now safe, and they live "Happily Ever After." Well... I'm done. See ya! :D
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