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Lesson on Culture

Jenn Kathen-Grogan

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of Culture

Culture - Q and a 1.) Why is language an important part of culture? it is a way to communicate
With language, comes a way of thinking
think about such cultures as the inuit - they have many words that
define all the types of snow - because snow is part of their culture 2 examples of how denying a group their language has had negative effcts: First nation's groups When British controlled Ireland, gaelic almost died out Why is religion an important part of culture? Shared traditions - people identify themselves through religion
religions influence how people think and act
some religions have helped to create the beginning of a culture,
if you took away the religion, part of the culture may disappear What can happen when cultures meet? peace and multiculturism


unacceptance and fighting - with one group trying to do away with the other Why might a country want to remain islolated?

to keep their culture the same and to protect their culture
could easily do this in the past due to large distances
between their country and others (China, japan, korea)
why do cultures change?

living conditions may change - for example, haiti -
due to what has happened there, in time their culture might
Some cultures learn from other cultures and change from there An example of cultural groups that have been destroyed in the past... Europeans tried to overtake many cultures as they explored the "new world"
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