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Civil Liberties Course Explorer

No description

Dennis Falcon

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Civil Liberties Course Explorer

Your Political Science and American Government

Liberties (Chapter 3)

Associate it
Associate it
Associate it
Associate it
Explore it
Main Idea:
Civil Liberties . . . .
Describe it
Governments universally have a monopoly on the legal use of violence to achieve their goals
People are universally dependent on government to protect them
Limits on government power are necessary to restrain government from abusing its power
Civil liberties are legal limits on the power of government
Believe what you want
Worship "God" the way you want
Say what's on your mind
Read what you want
Hang out with the people of your choice
Have a say in what the law is
Have access to "arms"
Keep the government out of your personal business
Stay out of prison
Stop torture
Bill of Rights (First 10 Amendments to the Constitution)
1st Amendment Protects
Freedom of Religion
Establishment Clause
Free Exercise Clause
Freedom of Speech and Press
Freedom of Expression
Public's right to know
Freedom of Association, Assembly, and to Petition government

2nd Amendment guarantees right to keep and bear arms
D.C. v Heller (2008)
Gun ownership for recreation and protection is an individual right
State and local governments must respect
4th Amendment
Protects against unreasonable search and seizure
Requires warrant based on probable cause
Good Faith
In Plain Sight
What about "hate speech"?
Sexist, Racist, etc.
What about pornography and obscenity (Miller v. California)?
What about "fighting words"?
Libel and Slander?
Rights of the Accused
5th Amendment
No Double Jeopardy
No Self-Incrimination
Due Process
6th Amendment
Speedy and Public Trial
Impartial Jury
Confront and Call Witnesses
Right to Counsel
Are limits to powers of government
Are guarantees of personal freedoms
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