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The Outsiders

No description

Angelic Arteaga

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders

The Outsiders
Sodapop is a dynamic character.
Sodapop is a character that try to understand every thing, 16 years old, he works and doesn't go to school. He try to get a better life, for him and Ponyboy.

The character are similar in terms of flat, round, static, and dynamic characters, but most of them are different in the archetype.
Ponyboy is a round and dynamic character of the book. He is a teenager, lonely ,smart, one of the youngest "Greaser" and the younger brother. living in a poor neighborhood, with no parents makes him to think about his future.
Darry is a dynamic character.
The oldest brother, 20 years, he works and take care of Ponyboy, but sometimes he try to control they. Darry is a ruler breaker, every body is scary of him, except Sodapop.
Johnny is a dynamic and round character.
Johnny is Ponyboy best friend, there the same age and they are the youngest of the "Greaser". He is quiet, never talk, but during the story he change.
The books are in limited omniscient
Family Problems
Problems Growing
Problems in the decisions that they take.

Taking Sides

The Outsiders.
Ponyboy is a "Greaser",white boy, 2 brothers, no parents and they live in a poor neighborhood. They don't like "Socs"
Lincoln Mendoza is a hispanic boy.
He live in a neighborhood from San Francisco, basketball player and a junior high student.
living with, his mom and his dog, he doesn't have a dad.
school is not one of his favorite things, his not that smart.
BY: Angelic Arteaga
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