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No description

Mr. Fader

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Camaraderie

Camaraderie in "The Outsiders" and Real World Events

Camaraderie in "The Outsiders" and Real World Events
The theme of
is found both in S.E. Hinton’s
"The Outsiders"
as well as in real-world connections such as the Navy Seals infamous
Hell Week
and the
Jessie White Tumblers.
The theme of camaraderie is experienced by
Ponyboy, Soda, and Darry
because they are three boys who
lost their parents
in a car crash, which causes them to
rely on each other
for support.
Camaraderie is achieved as
Navy Seals
endure what is known as “Hell Week”, five and a half days of grueling
physical and mental testing
to become a Navy SEAL.
Real World Connection 1
Camaraderie Definition
This is demonstrated in the scene in which
Soda flees the house
suddenly as Pony and Darry argue about Pony’s lack of effort about his theme. After Pony tackles Soda in the lot, Soda explains that Pony and Darry’s
constant fighting
is causing him to feel
about choosing sides in their arguments. Darry, Soda, and Pony realize that
all they have left
in the world is their brotherhood, and they therefore must
as a family.
Camaraderie in the Curtis Family
by: Mr. Fader
Camaraderie is the
feeling of friendship
and brother/sisterhood that exists throughout the world regardless of age, race, gender, or economic status. This bond is often created or
strengthened through struggle
or having to overcome a difficulty in
with one’s comrades.
Camaraderie in the Outsiders
Because of the
exhaustive expectations
placed on candidates through push-ups, running, cold tolerance in wet conditions, and extreme sleep deprivation (less than 4 hours per night), candidates must
rely on each other
for support and encouragement. Actually, much of Hell Week teaches candidates that
teamwork is the only means to succeed.
In The Outsiders, camaraderie is
by the greasers, underdogs,
fighting against
the socs, parents, police officers, and the legal system.
In the scene that shows the greasers preparing for the rumble, Pony, even though sick with a fever,
refuses to back out
of supporting his greaser family. Dally even threatens a nurse with a switchblade to
escape the hospital
and join the fight. Later, the reader learns that Two Bit
fought off a soc
who had kicked Pony in the head.
Camaraderie in the Rumble
Camaraderie in The Outsiders
Hell Week
Camaraderie to Succeed
Just like the greasers, Chicago’s inner city kids build camaraderie by
fighting back
against people’s
low expectations and
joining the
Jessie White Tumblers.
Jessie White Tumblers
Real World Connection 2
Jessie White, Secretary of State for Illinois, formed the Jessie White Tumblers, an acrobatics troop that serves as a
juvenile delinquency prevention program
. Since 1959, acrobats as young as six years old have agreed to abide by the rules of the team, which include
maintaining a C average in school and staying away from alcohol, drugs, and gangs
. Oftentimes inner city kids are seen as lost, but kids that belong to the Jessie White Tumblers find
purpose and friendship
as they practice for over 1,500 performances per year across the globe.
"Instead of Darry and me pulling me apart, he'd be pulling us together."

P. 177
“Teamwork and camaraderie are essential as trainees alternately help and encourage each other, to hang in there and not quit.”


"Soda and Steve and I had put on more hair oil than was necessary, but we wanted to show that we were greasers. Tonight we could be proud of it."

P. 132
“Jesse White, founder and coach, created the team in 1959 to provide a recreational, athletic, educational and cultural enrichment experience for the team members.”


Jessie White Tumblers
and the
Navy Seal's Hell Week
both share in common with
"The Outsiders"
the theme of
. An important aspect of life is
overcoming difficulties but, luckily, the bonds b
uilt through challenges are the...
strongest friendships of all!
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