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Findings, Analysis and Recommendations

No description

chee momo

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Findings, Analysis and Recommendations

Findings, Analysis and Recommendations
Fast Food Industry

" They see me as another employee who doesn't need to be treated like a customer "
"The employee simply said 'Hi' to me and then she just left me there.
Burger King
'Burger King is a fast restaurant that people usually go to eat, also well known as "BK"'
Hero Burger
"Hero Burger has become famous for it’s claim to hormone-free and antibiotic-free products and 100 percent Heritage Angus beef produced by ranchers in Western Canada."
"Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers is an international chain of fast food restaurants, which is based in the United States and Canada. It is the third largest hamburger fast food chain and it has over 6,000 locations all around the world"
The purpose of this report is to gain a better insight of customer service in a fast paced and forever growing industry.

This report includes an analysis on various restaurants in the fast food industry and recommendations on how to not only how to receive better customer service but also allows us to put ourselves in the position of a General Manager and think about what steps we could take to provide better customer service as well as create camaraderie between staff so that they may have a better attitude about working in turn creating better customer service.

First impression of the restaurant was good. They layout was clear, uncluttered and organized. There was space between tables to safely move around with a tray of food in your hand
Employee took my order with a good attitude and asked me politely to stand to the side so that she may take the next customers order.
Left Hero Burger a happy customer looking forward to returning again and enjoying food that certainly felt heroic.
My experience at Wendy’s was decent, there were a few people waiting ahead of me it only took 10 minutes before I put my order in
The employees were prepared and got my order complete within reasonable time.
As I was looking for a table to sit down, I notice that some tables were not as cleaned and it would affect customers such as myself not to eat in.
My overview of Wendy’s would be satisfactory, the only thing I found was the tables weren’t that cleaned.

When I came inside the Burger King restaurant, I need to line up for order.
The server took about thirty seconds per person on average for their order.
The employee was polite and he had recommend me the popular choices
The restaurant was quite clean..I will give them 8 out of 10 marks because I thought they can do it better on food taste
The employees were knowledgeable
The menu was understandable. It showed a variety of foods the restaurant had.
One thing I really like about Harvey’s is their foods are fresh.
Overall, I was satisfied with my visit. I will go dine again.

The restaurant should do like what a new store to does. Why? It is because when a store is new opening, customers are treated differently.
Good customer service needs to build up good relationships with people, especially between staff and customers.
Provide space to order food and then another space to pick up food
The fast food restaurants could make their facilities cleaner.
The cashier then started to tell me “You should have known that since you’re working there.” and scoff.
The service totally changed when the cashier knew I was a McDonalds employee.
Group 1:
Team Awesome Sauce
Mystery Shopper Model of the Fast Food Industry
Natasha Grundy
Natasha Bissada
Kim Chi Nguyen
Wan Ki Lam
Muguang Zhao
Yuri Guzenko
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