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Copy of Project

No description

Gabe Cn

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Project

My Food are Friends not FOOD >_<
(Yeah right.) Wanna be next?? Lets start the Web!! Algae Seagrass The Sun Both take energy from the sun. References: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_do_great_white_sharks_eat&isLookUp=1#Q=what%20do%20great%20white%20sharks%20eat%3F 1.) 2.) http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_do_dolphins_eat&isLookUp=1#Q=what%20do%20dolphins%20eat%3F 3.) http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_do_seals_eat&isLookUp=1#Q=What%20do%20seals%20eat 4.) http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_do_sea_lions_eat&isLookUp=1#Q=what%20do%20sea%20lions%20eat%3F Ok seriously Mr. Berg and Mr. Kostival, everything we searched are found at Wiki Answers just type "what does (animal) eat?" Then tada there is your answer. Producers Cod Herring Tadpoles Salmon Squid Dolphin Due to size and food web complications it's gonna be a problem if we show all arrows that direct from consumer to consumer so in order to minimize confusions we would put it on full size at halfway point web finish.. ^_^ Sea Worms Sea Slugs Marine Worms Carcharodon carcharias Penguins Sea Lion ALL THREE GET EATEN BY SEA LIONS Seals Green Sea Turtle Dinnertime!! Great White Heh the web is done.. All third or fourth level consumers end up in a Great White Shark's gut.. Every living organism that lives it's life, the decomposers.. Clean the waste and decomposes (hence their name) the perished bodies of all organisms in an ecosystem and a new circle of "eat or thou be eaten" web starts anew.. Echo-tally-alpha what's your position?? Preparing for ambush sir.. What's your status Marine Worm?? Waiting for organisms to succumb Sire.. >Great White Sharks try to avoid fighting for food. When there is only enough food for one, they have a tail-slapping contest. The sharks swim past each other, each slapping the surface of the water with their tails, and often directing the spray toward the other shark. The one who gets the meal is the shark that delivers the most tail slaps. The Hidden Twooth ^_- Great White Sharks are no match for Orcas in a fight. Orcas, better known as Killer Whales, sometimes hunt in packs plus they are too fast and strong for even the biggest Great Whites. Orcas have been known to kill and eat them as well. *Ouch* > Great White Sharks rarely attack people and when they do, it is because they mistaken the person for their usual seal prey. More than 70 percent of known victims of Great White Shark Attacks survive because the shark realizes it has made a mistake and doesn’t finish off the prey. > Thanks to Augustine for the idea and sharkfacts.org/great-white-shark-facts/ for the facts about Great White Sharks. Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Top Level Consumer
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