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Canada Goose Marketing Plan 2015

No description

tanveer s

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Canada Goose Marketing Plan 2015

Canada Goose has a wide array of products:
Expedition Coats
Light Jackets
Other Winter Accessories
Canada Goose Marketing Plan 2015
Tanveer, Camil, & Tawfiq
Canada Goose was actually founded in 1957 by Sam Tick. It was under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd.
It was acquired by David Reiss who changed the name to Snow Goose, and was later changed to Canada Goose.
In 1997 Dani Reiss took over and became CEO, and from 2001 - 2014 the company has seen its revenue grow 4000%
Canada Goose History:
Canada Goose Products:
Canada Goose wishes to stay true to its Canadian Heritage
Not only because we are a Canadian company but embracing the cold is a part of our culture
We will use a centralized marketing strategy in which all of our marketing, research, and development will stay in Canada.
Place: Where Will We Operate?
Canada Goose is known for its high quality material only being produced in Canada
With high quality materials the price must also match
In order to enter this new market of Europe we must first employ a competitive pricing strategy.
As our product gains momentum we will slowly change it back to a premium pricing strategy
We will make sure to place an emphasis that ALL of our products are CANADIAN made
Pricing Strategy:
One of the biggest benefits with such a wide variety of products is that we do not have to change our products to suit similar markets much.
OVO X Canada Goose
What Does this Mean?
By saying we wish to stay local we are able to eliminate many costs and risks.
This strategic decision may seem not wise at first but over time it will begin to pay off
To promote our product all across Europe we wish to use a localized business strategy.
By only opening up a few stores in the fashion districts in Europe we will create a strong brand image.
The promotion we will use will be minimal as the amount of celebrities that wish to use our products is already at an all time high
With more celebrities wearing the iconic Canada Goose patch it will advertise itself
In winter there is such a high demand for winter coats Canada Goose will have a winter frenzy sale and a chance to win a trip to exotic locations across the world
Canada Goose is not made for only one group of people
Rather we target a large group of people from young adults to adults
No matter where you live in Europe Canada Goose will always have a product for you due to the ever changing products we create
Canada Goose not only has several retail units all across Europe but also has a easily accessible website for people to purchase their products
Canada Goose has a wide array of stylish competitors
Some competitors are North Face, G Star, Bench.
These competitors also take a large share of the market by offering similar styled jackets for more competitive prices
Canada Goose is a premium brand and much like premium car brands wishes to deliver the best possible product if you are willing to pay the price
With that being said Canada Goose does have a wide array of products ranging from $50 to $1100 so do not mistake Canada Goose to be only for the wealthy
Lastly Canada Goose has never really promoted their jackets as other companies do. Celebrities have always given publicity to us and will continue to do so in helping our brand grow.
For the European market we wish to have European actors, athletes, and other big faces wear our jackets to help increase awareness in this new area.
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