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Skiing Out of Bounds

No description

Ben Wilkins

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Skiing Out of Bounds

Skiing Out of Bounds skiing out of bounds causes injuries
many avalanches
amount of money spent on search parites

People should use their brains and not olny protect them! People should tell people not to ski out of bounds. Key Piont #1-Injuries caused by Skiing wondering off causes hypothermia
Falling off tall cliffs can break bones
Going to fast can run into trees Key Point #2-Many avalanches there has been more than 100 avalanches across the world in 3 years
almost more than 30 people are killed durring an avalanche
Key Point 3-Search and Rescue Parties the regular cost of a Searcch and Rescue party is around $100-$350
losing a lot of money on reckless skiers Conclusion people have spent a lot of money on search and rescue parties
there has been many avalanches in the last yaers
the kinds of injuries of injuries
I say that there should be a financhal fine to reckless skiers.
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