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David and Goliath

No description

Jill Mulveney

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of David and Goliath

Underdogs, Misfits, and the art of batteling giants
Thousands of years ago a shepherd boy was the only one willing to duel a giant, surprisingly the boy came out on top. Ever since David and Goliath has represented underdogs and their giants; victories that are improbable yet are happening all around us. The novel by Malcolm Caldwell, disputes the perceptions of obstacles and turns what may seem like disadvantage into something beautiful and important.
Vivek Ranadive
Vivek Ranadive is the coach of his daughter’s basketball team
He knew Nothing about basketball but was good at soccer
The girls were not very skilled or big
They won the National Championship. How?
He played basketball like it was soccer by using up the full court (Unconventional way)
Trained his girls to be more physically more fit than the opponents to hide their weakness
Willingness to try harder than the opponent
Calm Voice
Total up the wars between big and small countries
In conventional fighting weaker side wins 28% of time
When using guerrilla unconventional tactics weaker side wins 68% of time
Teresa DeBrito
Classrooms are affected by many things. Teachers, students, and subjects can easily change how the class learns and grows. However, one commonly overlooked factor is the size of the classroom. Often, it is assumed that a student will learn better in a class with fewer students due to their ability to challenge ideas, start discussions, and receive help easier. But what happens when the class is TOO small?
The idea that appears is shown on a graph as an upside-down (inverted) U shape. The idea is that student success is low when the classroom size is low, and low when the classroom size is high.
This inverted U shape can be applied to all sorts of relevant topics in life. One example is the story of a rich Hollywood man. When he was young, he was taught the value of money by having to work his way up in his career. However, what he found was that his children, born with tons of money at their disposal, were never taught the value of the money they were spending. Having too much money was not in his kid’s best interest.

Imagine this- you, with a single rock up against a giant warrior with years of training. Looks bleak, right? Well in the case of the shepherd David, this situation was a reality. Flinging his rock through the air, the giant named Goliath fell from the sky and crashed into earth. Seems like an act of God. Science, however, suggests otherwise. Perhaps Goliath had a visions disorder? Maybe David’s combat tactics were not what Goliath expected? Maybe Goliath was just a lot dumber than first though?
Throughout life, we are issued many David and Goliath situations. The small party (The “Davids”) need to face up to a large issue (“Goliaths”) and more often than not, the Davids can find ways to overcome these Goliaths easily.
By: Chad, Heather, Jill, Katrina, Maddie, and Matt
David and Goliath
Caroline Sacks
Many of us are currently struggling with the choice of which post secondary option is right for us. In David and Goliath, Gladwell is basically against anyone attending a famous university for the sake of prestige. To choose something elite is to choose being a little fish in a big pond. In his book it is discussed how, since only a select few will shine among the best, people are generally better off choosing to be part of a lesser known organization where they have a greater chance of standing out. This is because we measure ourselves against the people immediately around us.
Gladwell gives the example of Caroline Sacks, who was a science student attending Brown University. She earned mediocre grades and felt generally stupid compared to her straight-A classmates, though according to Gladwell she was likely still in the 99th percentile worldwide.
He makes the point, that its better to be the big fish in the small pond, and graduate at the top, than be the little fish in the small pond who drops out due to the surrounding pressure.
David Boies
Emil Jay Freireich
Wyatt Walker
MLK jr. activist had taken on the city’s racist public safety commissioner
Photo was discussed everywhere from living rooms to classrooms
Blacks couldn’t get jobs, vote education or water from the same fountain as the white
Black people who tried to move into white neighborhoods got their houses blown up
King brought his people to Birmingham, with doubt
Overwhelming underdog (King) outgunned and over matched (City of whites)
African Americans have been the underdog for so long
Intention of breaking towns segregation laws
Formed a group and conducted Project C (confrontation)
Several weeks in to project c, many blacks were worried if associated with King they would lose their jobs (get fired by their white bosses)
Walker waited until the people came home from work and stood outside to watch, only about 18 people marched but the papers reported 1400
The reports and whites can only see thru white eyes
They turned fire hoses on the children
Set dogs loose on children

Really high number of dyslexics are entrepreneurs( succeed because of their disability)
David memorized what his mom when she would read to him
Construction…..bookkeeper at bank…..went to law school….now one of the most famous lawyers in the world
We get good at something by building on the strengths we were natural given
Not everyone has the ability to compensate
What is learned out of necessity is more powerful than what comes easily
Dyslexics are outsiders due to the fact they cannot do what school requires of them

Another boy struggling with school (1970)
He decided to go to wall street and get a trading job, walked down and ask some man to share a cab
Disagreeable act going into the cab and lying
Ability to deal with failure was high developed

Father died suddenly
Hungarian immigrants running a restaurant in Chicago
Just after stock market crash in 1929
Mother worked in sweatshop  never saw her
Had a maid who looked after him
Loved this maid, thought of her as his mother
His real mother remarried, left sweatshop, stayed at home therefore fired the maid because she was no longer needed
“They fired her, they fired my mother. I never forgave my mother for that.”
Lived in a town being bombed
Direct hit (Dead)
Near miss (traumatized)
Remote miss (invincible)
Freireich acquired 25$ from a widow and got into med school
Became one of the only doctors from a lower class background
Never developed empathy as a child because all relationships ended in death
Fired 7 times
Terrible attitude, no sympathy for others
Loud, outspoken, hot tempered
Study showing that people are more successful when a parent dies when they are young
Took a risk in giving children with leukemia more pallets, nearly killed them but it worked
Created a drug cocktail that was highly ridiculed and criticized, was called crazy for it
Drug cocktail worked and has saved millions of lives

Maddie's Annotated Bibs
Gursky, Daniel. "Class Size Does Matter." Education Digest 64.2 (1998): 15. Canadian Reference Centre. Web. 22 Apr. 2014.

In the chosen article the author, Daniel Gursky, a staff writer for American Teacher, promotes the idea that smaller class sizes benefit students in certain situations. Gursky examined different studies that have been conducted in order to gain the desired information. He comes to the conclusion that smaller class sizes benefit low achieving students whose families have a low income. Gursky also reveals that these results only last until the eighth grade. The purpose of this article is to inform the reader about the possible positive and negative effects of smaller class sizes. The aforementioned article is exceptionally thorough in the examination of multiple research studies. It provides an easy to follow interpretation of the different studies mentioned throughout the article, Class size does matter. All of Gursky’s points are reinforced by the results of the research studies he includes in his article. By using multiple studies done by accomplished scientists that show mixed results Gursky creates a credible article with very little bias. This article is an excellent source of information for anyone who is interested in the public school system. From teachers to parents this article provides the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. Subsequently this article provides sufficient data for the reader to understand the potential benefits of class size on a child’s learning. As a result the explanations and points made in Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath take on a new meaning when paired with this supplementary information. By using more studies Gursky further reinforces the positive and negative points introduced by Gladwell.
Carol, Lewis. "Are you smart enough to pass the mini test?." Times, The (United Kingdom) n.d.: Canadian Reference Centre. Web. 28 Apr. 2014.

In the article Are You Smart Enough to Pass the Mini Test? By Lewis Carol, an author for The United Kingdom Times speaks of the benefits of reflecting on your work. Carol talks about the results of the test done by Professor Shane Frederick and the possible benefits of doing well on this test and what they could mean for your future. The conclusion he reaches proves that reflecting on work that has been done can improve the work and opens more doors in the future. The article talks about the work done by Frederick and what his results could mean. Carol also provides the test questions and answers so readers may try the test for themselves. By doing this Carol proves what he, and Malcolm Gladwell are saying when they talk about this test. The article is well written and creates more background knowledge on the CRT test. By providing the test he allows people to experience what he is talking about when he says guy instinct isn’t always right. This creates another layer of effectiveness because it gives the reader first hand knowledge about the topic being discussed. The target audience for this article is anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge and thinking differently. It would also be a good article for companies to read because it shows a different way of thinking that goes beyond gut reaction. This article gives much more background knowledge on the Cognitive Reflection Test than Gladwell does. As a result this article reinforces all of the points Gladwell makes in David and Goliath.

Taibbi, Matt. "The Stupidest Law Ever." Rolling Stone 1180 (2013): 33-39. Canadian Reference Centre. Web. 30 Apr. 2014.

In this article Matt Taibbi, an author for Rolling Stone Magazine discusses the three strike law and if it really accomplished what it was meant to. Taibbi examines the three strike law in great detail. He looks at all the cases that make people wonder if it’s effective. He also looks at people who support the law and people who want it abolished. Taibbi’s argument is very well thought out. He shows both points of view which makes his work less bias. By doing this he creates an article that both sides of the argument can appreciate as all of their opinions are expressed. This article is very effective because it makes you question the laws which are put in place to protect us and if they are doing what they are meant to. This article is perfect for anyone interested in crime and law because it will make them think and analyze critically. It would also be a good read for anyone currently in professions related to law and crime. After reading this article the reader will have a better understanding of the pros and cons of the three strike law. It allows for a deeper analysis of the ideas and cases discussed in Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath.
Matt's Annotated Bibs

Troubles in Ireland between the Protestants and Catholics
British Army used “Rebellion & Authority” – tough disciplinary approach – very harsh approach which incited riots
Britsh army comes in and locks everything down and put a curfew
People with a voice that will be heard are more willing to cooperate
Rules have to be predictable and consistent day to day
The authority has to be fair

Police were seen as enemies in NY black community
Jackie created program to make police act and look different but also be super strict about the rules
Gave turkeys and Christmas dinners – show compassion
Crime rate in her community dropped 77%

People in authority must think how their subjects perceive them
The Advantages of Being Dyslexic, written by The Dyslexia Support Services and Educational Resources argues having dyslexia has more advantages than disadvantages. People with dyslexia may scramble words or have trouble reading but these disadvantages are minuscule compared to the advantages needed in today’s workforce that come with it, such as great problem solving skills, good communicators and extremely creative.
Joshua Liu, Co-Founder & CEO at Seamless Mobile health and a graduate from U of T and York, discusses how to decide what University to attend. Joshua looks at some major questions you should ask yourself and how to break them down to help choose where you go
Dexter Mullins, Multimedia at the Wall Street Journal, Online News Producer and a graduate of Columbia University, discusses the positive advancements in gay rights as well as the negative. Dexter looks as some of the major advancements which took place in 2013 like the supreme Court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. This action helped pave the way for Federal government to provide equal rights for same sex marriages. During 2013 6 more states legalized gay marriage bringing the total to 18.
Katrina's Annotated Bibs
The Ultimate Underdog
A new coach for the Vanderbilts
Climb to victory, from their disadvantage
The new coach for the basketball team

Does Class Size Matter?
Effect of class size on students learning
Advantages and disadvantages to smaller class sizes
Things that people see as advantages may not actually be

Lost Sight, Found Sound
Compensation, adapt and become more tuned for sound
Having disabilities get people to where they are today
Would not have otherwise been so successful if it was not for their disabilities

Heather's Annotated Bibs
Smaller Classes, Greater Average
Kennedy , Robert. "Why Small Class Sizes Work | BoardingSchoolReview.com." BoardingSchoolReview.com. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. <http://www.boardingschoolreview.com/artic
- Article Why Smaller Class Sizes Work by Robert Kennedy
- Compares and contrasts small class sizes with larger class sizes
- Its a persuasive essay, Kennedy leans towards the smaller class sizes as being more beneficial
- Directed at teachers, parents , administration
- Relates to novel because Gladwell talks about how smaller class sizes are more beneficial

Dyslexia: Get the Facts
Perlstein , David. "Dyslexia: Get the Facts on This Common Learning Disability."MedicineNet. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. <http://www.medicinenet.com/dyslexia/article.htm
- In the article Dyslexia get the facts the author David Perlstien talks about Dyslexia
- David Perlstien is a well known medical author who has a MD,MBA, and a FAAP
- He analyzes symptoms, causes and problems that children with dyslexia have
- Professional, medical, straight forward diction in a chunked style of writing
- Informative and explains the topic very thoroughly
- Relates to the book cause it makes you understand the challenges that dyslexic people have to over come in order to be successful
- Makes you realize why they are the “underdog”

Children and Leukemia
Borton, Dr. Chloe. "Childhood Leukemia. Symptoms in Children | Patient.co.uk."Patient.co.uk. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 May 2014. <http://www.patient.co.uk/doctor/childhood-leukaemias>

- Written by Medical author Dr. Chloe Borton, a cancer doctor who has researched extensively in the cancer field for many years
- Summarizes the symptoms, warning signs, treatments, triggers, prognosis, chemotherapy, and risk factors of childhood leukemia.
- This article is professionally written with complex diction that can be difficult for the average person who does not have a medical background to understand
- Borton’s article would be especially helpful to any parent, friend, or family member of a child with leukemia, this article would also be insightful to people working with a child with leukemia
- After reading this article, one leaves with a clearer sense of why Gladwell includes the section on
Dr. Freidreich and how he tries to save the children with leukemia in his novel, David and Goliath. From this article it is clear that children with leukemia are the underdogs, and that they will have to fight to survive, just like how Dr. Freidriech was an underdog, had to fight to save the children and had to think outside of the box.

Jill's Annotated Bibs
1. Mayo Clinic Staff. "Acromegaly." Definition. N.p., 5 Feb. 2013. Web. 23 Apr. 2014.
In this article, the Mayo Clinic Staff, made up of more than 3,300 physicians, scientists and researchers, describe in this article the definition, symptoms, and causes of acromegaly.
Would be most interesting to an audience of those who may know someone with the disease, doctors who have patients with the disease and anyone suspecting they may have the disease
this article strengthens Gladwell’s case for Goliath suffering from this disease. After reading the article, one has a clear sense of the disease and a better grasp of how the giant in David and Goliath could very well have suffered from it

2. Richmond, Emily. "Is It Better to Have a Great Teacher or a Small Class?"The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 19 Nov. 2013. Web. 30 Apr. 2014.
In this article a study testing if the best learning environment is a larger class with a more effective teacher conducted by, Michael Hansen of the Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research Center, was analyzed.
Assigning up to 12 more students to the strongest teachers could produce learning gains that were equal to 2.5 weeks of additional instruction
This article’s intended audience is parents of children in the affected age group, principals, and school administrators.
After reading the article, one can more strongly believe Gladwells points as he questions the same thing, whether smaller classes are actually less effective than larger classes with better teachers.

3. Olson, James S, Ph.D. "Publications." Making Cancer History. The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Centre, 2014. Web. 07 May 2014.
In this article, written by James S. Olson, Ph.D. for the University of Texas Cancer Centre, the history of Frei and Friedreich's cure for leukemia was discussed.
The article would be very helpful and informative for parents who are faced with having a child with cancer, as well as oncologists who will be prescribing treatment similar to the one described in the article to their patients.
The article and David and Goliath are very complementary of each other, reading the article provides more scientific facts Gladwell does not include, and Gladwell’s novel provides a better background and analysis of Friedreich, which allows for better understanding of how he was able to do what he did.
Macqueen, Ken. “Is Big Bad And Small Good?”
-Ken Macqueen, writer at Maclean’s magazine
-Students should realize that smaller classes are better for learning
-Relates to the idea that classroom size can affect learning
-Effective as it uses an informative tone and lots of details to explain.

Krishnan, Manisha. “Dyslexics of the world, untie.”
-Manisha Krishnan, journalist at Maclean’s magazine
-Dyslexics have advantages in other parts of their life, such as oral communication
-Relates to the idea that even people with Disadvantages have advantages
-Effective as it uses a casual tone but then randomly uses serious tones to emphasize things.

Taibbi, Matt. "The Stupidest Law Ever."
-Matt Taibbi, writer at many magazines including The Rolling Stones
-Tells the story of a man named Curtis Wilkerson who got life in prison for stealing socks
-Relates to the idea that the Three-Strike law is not effective as it shows examples.
-Effective as it is comedic and sarcastic and uses examples effectively.
Chad's Annotated Bibs
Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever been in a situation where you were the underdog?

2. Do you think underdog strategies would be easier or harder than the ‘giants’ strategies?

3. Would you want to have a disability, do you think you could compensate for it?

4. If many dyslexics get put in jail why do you think Gladwell refers to it as a desirable difficulty?

5. Would you want to be a big fish in a little pond or small fish in a big pond?

6. Are there other examples where the inverted U could be true?

7. Do you think the three strikes law could be more effective if it was tweaked in some way?

8. Have you felt more successful in a small or large classroom?

9. Do you think having too much can limit who you are?

10. Do you think being able to cope with failure is an important thing to have as an underdog?

11. What are some “Goliaths” of High-School that we have overcome?

Wilma Derksen

Three Strikes Law was triggered by the murder of Mike Reynolds's Daughter, Kimber who was killed by a repeat offender
After his daughter's death he and others decided that California’s penalties were too low.
The law states that anyone convicted of a 3rd offence of any kind would serve a mandatory sentence of 25 to life
A 2nd serious offence would result in a double sentence ( 1st offence of burglary- before:2 years now: 2 years. 2nd offence burglary before: 4.5 years now: 9. 3rd offence receiving stolen property before: 2 years now: 25 to life)
Inverted-U curve states there are limits to effectiveness
Wilma Derksen’s daughter was kidnapped and left to die
As opposed to Reynolds who chose to punish others for the death of his daughter, Derksen chose to forgive the person responsible
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