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SQP2RS Strategy

Survey, Question, Predict, Read, Respond, Summarize

Briana Rentschler

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of SQP2RS Strategy

Summarize Using the 5W’s and H, describe those parts of the passage as well as answers to your questions orally to your partner. Be sure to listen as they are talking.

Write a summary using the worksheet in 1 or 2 sentences. SQP2RS
(“Squeepers”Reading Strategy)

From The SIOP Model SURVEY Look over the text. What do you see…
Charts? Diagrams? Bold Words? Headings?
Graphics? Pictures?

What do you think the “big idea” is going to be? Tell your partner your answer. Question With your partner, write some questions (3-4) about what you just surveyed. You probably can’t answer the question now, and that is ok.

Write them down on a sheet of paper. We will share your questions and I will record them. Predict Predict 4-5 of the MOST important concepts that you will learn about from this passage.

Write down your predictions. Reading We will read the first part together, then you will decide how you want to read the remainder. (self or partner?)

As you read, record what you find on your post-it notes and show where you found answers to your questions or where a prediction came true! Respond We will come back together as a class and discuss answers to your questions AND talk about your predictions. Were they proved or disproved?

If your questions were not answered, we will talk about why.
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