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PSHE leadership team presentation to govs

No description

joanne cowan

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of PSHE leadership team presentation to govs

Actions, impact, and vision for the future...
Personal, Social and Health Education
Leadership Team 2010-13

Healthy eating
Being outdoors

An intervention for Foundation Stage children
Difficulties with language and self-esteem
Nurture group format
Actions - Wellbeing Group
Designed to support a cohort of children with particular needs in language

Actions - Chatterbox Club

Wakey Shakey Wednesdays

Children encouraged to walk / scoot / ride to school

Exercise session 'Wake and Shake' involving all children
and staff

Tasting table in the canteen

Ditch the Stabilisers sessions for F2 children

Intervention groups
Outdoor learning
Healthy choices
Woodland Skills

What do we want to develop in our school & our children?
PSHE Leadership Team - where do we want to go next?
Worked with 10 children 2010 - 11

Greater than expected improvements in the children's scores

CG made 2 scale points improvement in Dispositions and Attitudes over 3 months; expected progress would be 1 scale point.

ED made 2 scale points progress in Social Development

CL made 3 scale points progress in Emotional Development

Making footprints with paint

Making a picnic

Sharing a joke

Arose out of speech screening data - Language impacts upon mental health and socialisation

Activities - baking, crafts, free play, singing, listening games, dressing up, language games

Actions - Outdoor learning
Actions -
Socially Speaking
An intervention for Key Stage 1 children
Actions - Healthy Lifestyles
Children who find it difficult to interact appropriately with others

Redesigning quiet area - children taking ownership

"I can't do this, I'm rubbish at it"

Children are more confident now. They decide on and reinforce rules themselves. Concentration is improved.
Actions - Woodland Skills
Developed existing outdoor area by asking for donations from parents,

Upcycled into learning resources

Featured in the Wirral Globe Online, May 2013

Huge benefits to physical and mental health.

Presented to a group of mental health professionals, educational psychologists and headteachers in March 2013.

Our work on children's mental health and wellbeing is recognised as excellent.
Chatterbox Club 2012
Our work on children's mental health and wellbeing is recognised as excellent.

Actions - Koala Club

Designed to nurture children who need self-esteem and resilience work

Statistically, 1 in 10 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder - around 3 in every class
Koala Club baseline data
Healthy eating
Being outdoors
Making drinks for everyone

Similar to Forest school, establishing connections between children & natural environment

Worked with all F1 children in 2012

Activities such as den building, collecting sticks, making patterns with natural objects

Highly beneficial for self-confidence, physical and emotional development
Wellbeing Group impact & success
Chatterbox results
Child CA WA CA WA Progress

DW 47m 14m 52m 26m 12m

LE 44m 32m 49m 54m 22m

WW 53m 38m 56m 54m 16m

Pretending to phone an ambulance

Having lunch together

What do we want to develop in our school & our children?
Wellbeing group, Koala Club, Chatterbox Club, Socially Speaking, Healthy Lifestyles, Woodland Skills & Outdoor Learning
Wellbeing Group
PSHE Team members:
Jo Cowan
Sue Honeybourne
Tracy Cross
Aileen Boardman
Lindsay Peddie
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