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Introduction to Rules and Procedures

First Day Procedure Overview

Brittany Forbes

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Rules and Procedures

Welcome to Mrs. Forbes' Language Arts (or Creative Writing) Class!
Before we can all be successful, we must first learn our classroom's Rules and Procedures.
A Guide to Success
The 5 Most Important Rules
Be Prompt
Be Prepared
Be Positive
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
A Guide to Success
The Top 5 Procedures
Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings!
Stay silent while the teacher, or another student, is speaking!
Always raise your hand!
Stay in your seat unless you have permission to get up!
Stay focused!
Choose one of these rules. If you are following the rule, what does that look like?
A Day-to-Day Guide
General Procedures and Expectations
Why are procedures important if we want to be successful?
How loud is too loud?
Voice Levels
Level Zero: No Talking
Level One: Whisper
Level Two: Normal Voice
Level Three: Raised Voice
Level Four: Shouting
Why do we need to be aware of our voice level in the classroom?
Hallway Procedures
Use no more than voice-level 2 in the hallway.
Always walk on the right side of the hallway.
Line up orderly outside the door before entering class.
Bathroom Procedures
You may use the bathroom or water fountain six times during the nine weeks.
Please do not ask to go to the bathroom during the first ten or last ten minutes of class!
Write a pass in your planner indicating restroom or water fountain.
Then, raise up your planner so I can see it.
Every class has a bathroom pass sheet near the door. Write down the date in pen before you leave.
Cell Phone Procedures
Cell phones and iPods must be turned OFF and inside of your book bag during the school day.
We may at times use our phones in class, but they need to be kept off and away otherwise.
Any violations may result in a consequence or the temporary loss of your phone.
A word to the wise...
Classroom Consequences

Parent Phone Call or Email
Administrative Review (I.S.S. or O.S.S.)
Don't Be Late!
Tardy Policy
Work Guidelines
If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you are tardy!
First time = Warning
Second time = Parent contact
Third time = Detention
Tardy students: silently walk into the classroom and fill out the tardy log-in sheet.
Brainstorm some situations that might cause you to be late.
With your shoulder partner, discuss how you could avoid one of those situations. Be prepared to share!
Grading Guidelines
Late Work
Absent Procedures
We share this room with each other...
Our Classroom!
I grade on a scale.
The percentages are as follows:
40% of your grade will be in-class work
25% of your grade will be tests and projects
20% of your grade will be homework (reading journals)
15% of your grade will be INB checks
Entering the Classroom
I do accept late work.
The best grade you can receive for late homework is 50%.
I will take 10% off of a project grade every day it is late.
The best grade you can receive after a week is 50%.
However, be aware that 50% is much better than a zero.
Also, be aware that too many missing assignments will result in losing your electives temporarily.
When you are absent, you must make up any work you missed.
I will not excuse you from work when you are absent.
On the day you return from your absence, you must first follow the entering the classroom procedures and then use my interactive notebook and absent binder to copy down any notes and find a copy of any assignments you missed.
The way you enter the classroom sets the tone for the day.
When you enter the classroom, set down your backpack behind or under your seat.
Take out your interactive notebook.
Make sure you have a writing utensil.
Sharpen your pencil if necessary.
Update your planner with the night's homework.
Begin the bell work.
Let's Review
Let's Review
Work Requirements
ALWAYS head your paper.
Your heading should include your name, the date, and the period.
Use pencil or dark blue/black ink only.
Always write legibly.
End of the Period
When the bell rings, sit silently and wait for directions.
No one will be dismissed until the classroom has been thoroughly cleaned and all materials are in place.
Don't just jump out of your chair like your seat's on fire...
I am excited to be your language arts teacher this year! By following our class procedures you will help create a fun and productive learning environment in our classroom.
I know we're going to have a great year together!
Bell Work
You are responsible for bell work every day.
I will randomly grade one of your bell work days each week. You will not know which day.
They belong to all of us, so treat them with care!
Everyone in the class must have a composition notebook.
You must bring your interactive notebook with you to class every day.
We will keep all of our notes and class work in the INB.
Be sure to keep your INB neat and up to date.
If you lose your INB, you must recreate it from scratch (a horrible, terrible fate).
Interactive Notebooks
You can check out one book at a time using your individual check-out card.
You may use these books to meet your reading goal, but we will also make visits to the school library.
If you would like to check out a book, please fill out your note card with the book title, author, and the date. Then, leave the card on my desk.
When you return the book, up to two weeks later, take out your note card and indicate returned.
Classroom Library
You are allowed to have water in the classroom.
You may not have any other drinks out in the classroom.
For class celebrations, we may have snacks. However, you are not allowed to eat at any other time in the classroom.
Food and Drinks in the Classroom
The class materials are for all of us to share.
Please use the materials with consideration; I’m the one to purchase replacements!
You may not use any of the materials without permission.
Extra Credit
Positive Parent Phone Call
Homework Pass
Lunch Pass
My Eternal Esteem
What do you need to do to be able to make an "A" in language arts?
Please treat my books with care. I would like to have them for my future students too!
Not returning my books will result in a detention or a reimbursement from your parents!
If you abuse the bathroom, you will receive a detention. What can you do in order to make your bathroom passes last?
What can you do to avoid the classroom consequences?
This will be my face when you tell me that you've lost your INB.
But, this will be my face when you keep track of your neat, well decorated, and up-to-date INB all year.
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