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The implications of the now or never report for CPPE

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Laura Shaw

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of The implications of the now or never report for CPPE

The Now or Never Report
Commission on future models of care was set up by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to develop practical ideas about how future models of care can be delivered through pharmacy
The Commission's findings & recommendations were documented in the Now or Never Report
Key Points from the report
Long term conditions will be unmanageable without a significant change to how care is provided
The NHS need to make the most of the third largest profession, particularly as the number of pharmacists and pharmacy staff are rising
Community pharmacists and pharmacy staff could provide an alternative triage point for many common ailments, and health advice
What does this mean to CPPE?
The focus is being shifted away from just dispensing and the supply of medicines to providing a broader range of services and being an integral part of supporting people's clinical care
Pharmacy workforce needs to be supported in this change of focus
Greater than ever importance to create networks to pool expertise and develop services and opportunities
Challenges to be faced
How do we overcome these?
Ensuring that we are performing 'the basics' to the best of our ability by continuing to provide development opportunities in areas such as medicines optimisation
Support new topics such as summary care records and how this affects patient care
Encourage and facilitate networking, especially in more remote areas where geography can create barriers for this
Supporting national and local topics
National - for example Dementia friend

Local - Alcohol awareness intervention

Shows how a good engagement in a service and proper training can bring so much benefit to the patients and the profession. Also encourages networking within local area
Take full advantage of social media and the internet
Get involved with local networks such as the LPC and the LPF as this gives a lot of opportunities to combine information and reach more people in the area
Ensure that relevant information reaches all of the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the area

The implications of the now or never report

for CPPE

Attendance levels at events especially with the increasing pressure and workload on pharmacy staff

Geography can be a problem in organising and promoting learning opportunities

Communication between different organisations and teams

The way forward....

Tutors to be facilitators in delivering not only the national campaigns, but also have a good knowledge of local topics and needs so local support and learning can be given. Also to feedback information gathered to CPPE
Contacts to be made at national level and especially local e.g. LPC and LPF
Ensure that the content and learning opportunties that CPPE offer is made known to everyone, and through a variety of media
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