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Milk for Always

No description

Stella Jiang

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Milk for Always

Milk for Always
Humans have been drinking cow's milk for thousands of years, but lately, more and more Americans are edging towards a new competitor: nut milks.


Almond milk, which, according to the market research firm IRI, has become the nation's most popular non-dairy alternative with 2014 sales grossing nearly $700 million to date.

U.S. beverage milk sales were about 52 billion pounds in 2013, according to the most recent available figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

A blue whale weighs approx. 400,000 lbs

To put that into perspective:
That's about 6 billion gallons, and it is the lowest level since 1982!

You might think that’s a lot…
So what?

Milk Industry Analysis

-Emily von Hollen

Target Market Analysis
-Mengqi Xu (Maggie)

Competition Analysis
-Xingjie Zhang (Max)

Advertising Strategy

Advertising Analysis
-Chen Wang (Yolanda)

Creative Strategy
-Yuanqing Jiang (Stella)

Media Strategy
-Xiaohan Sun (Sarah)

Creative Brief & Sample Commercials
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, per capita consumption of cow's milk has dropped by about 25 percent since 1975.

Advertising Strategy
Creative Strategy
Target market
Group :Women with children
Age: 30-50


Milk is losing its category position due to the oversaturated market

Regain market share

Communication objectives

Let the customer know that milk remains unchanged overtime and it is versatile compare to other drinking products.


Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases,including everything.

Middle aged Women are the key decision
makers of grocery shopping of a family

On average day in 2013, women spend
more time on TV and social networks
than men, according to the statistics from
the U.S department of labor
Competitor Analysis
non-dairy alternatives: Almond milk, Soy milk, rice milk,coconut milk
Bottled water

Major Competitors
SWOT Analysis
High Protein
High Calcium
Dairy products: Butter, Cheese, Yogurt
SWOT Analysis

Lactose intolerance

SWOT Analysis

Not-fat, less calories
Better preservation

SWOT Analysis

Trend of converting to non-dairy alternatives
Raw material prices go up
Drops in consumption
Animal welfare and environmental factors

Creative Brief/Sample Commercials

The issue/problem
Consumers are increasingly substituting traditional milk with non-dairy alternatives.

The purpose of our advertising
is to tell customers(target market:moms) that milk’s role in American families has long been established and encourage moms to purchase more dairy milk.

Advertising research
--milk message
Package Analysis
1993 - "Got Milk?" Advertising Campaign Launched
(California Milk Processor Board was born in 1993)

The Dairy industry spends $150-million annually to support
GOT MILK?, including money used on those Milk Mustache ads.

bottle breakage
milk bottle(1884)

square milk carton

cost saver
plastic bottle

“Body by Milk” “White Mustache”
Alex Rodriguez
David Beckham
Carrie Underwood
2004 - Milk and Weight Loss Ad Campaign Initiated Nationwide advertising campaign with such slogan "3-A-Day. Burn More Fat, Lose Weight." and “Milk your diet. Lose weight!”
2007 - Dairy Council ended ad campaign that linked drinking milk with weight loss; False Advertising Lawsuit against the California Milk Board

Milk Life
California Cow Plays Matchmaker
Who is she?
Milk, It Does a Body Good
Where am I?



Media Strategy
Qualitative Media Objectives
REACH: to reach 80% of mothers, ages 30-50, each month of the year.

FREQUENCY: to reach 80% of the primary target audience three or more times each week annually.

TIME FRAME: all year round.

Media Channels Pie Chart
ie: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The CW, Food Networks…

Network TV Primetime (M-Su)
: $112,100 (cost per 30 sec.) $112,100*7*52=$40,804,400
Network TV Early Morning (M-F)
: $10,000 (cost per 30 sec.) $10,000*5*52=$2,600,000
*source: www.tvb.org/trends

Total Budgets (per year)
: $43,404,400


Quantitative Media Objectives

ie: YouTube, Vimeo…

Production fees:
(planning, graphics design, storyboard design, casting, music, pre-production, post-production, etc.): $50,000

Social media:
Free but important

*source: http://mwpdigitalmedia.com/blog/much-corporate-video-cost/

Total Budgets (per year)
: $50,000


ie: Food Network, Cooking Light, All You, Parents, Working Mother, People...

Premium Positions
- Inside Front Cover (Four-color): $102,850 (12x)
*source: http://www.foodnetworkmediakit.com/advertising/rate-card-2015

Total Budgets (per year)
: $102,850 * 10 = $1,028,500


Live Sports ad!!!

Super Bowl 2015 –
start from Sunday, February

Women are the dominant media voice during the super bowl!

Budget: $3-4 million on NBC

NYC Subway

Subway Interior Display
(Vertical Format): $100/monthly, 5,000 ads, $6,000,000

*source: http://www.bluelinemedia.com/subway-advertising

Total Budgets (per year)
: $6,000,000

Slogan: Milk for Always

8 Selected frames for each decade
from 1950-2010 and the future forecast

Everything has changed over time, while
milk is always there
essential to people’s life

Consumer Insights
Milk has high protein and high calcium. It's good for health, especially for children and elderly

Milk is essential for people's life, for example, you need to use milk to make dairy products, such as butter, and yogurt; you use milk to bake cakes; and you also use milk to eat Oreo cookies!

Thank you all for listening!

Any questions?

Print Ad
Sample Video Commercial

Why not milk?
Lactose intolerance
Alternative diets trend
Animal welfare & environmental reasons
Calorie count
Milk For Always
Animal Cruelty

Health Benefits

Family Consumption

Back at the top!
“Milk For Always!"
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