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Career Shadow 2010

Newton Group ESA

Kate Lessard

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadow 2010

Newton Group ESA Elite Sales Associates Newton Group's Mission Newton Group ESA strive to be the leading Virtual Contact Center by delicvering un paralled value in their core business:

-Setting Buisness To Business Appointments and Warm Leads
-Setting business To Consumer Appointments and Warm Leads
-Utilizing Outbound Calling for Market Research

The Newton Group ESA is committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The Newton Group ESA is also committed to creating opportunity, growth, and challenge for its associates within an environment of honesty, equality, and respect. What Employability Skills Are Needed To Be A Newton Group Elite Sales Associate Where Will Newton Group ESA Be In 15 Years... By the end of this year they will be releasing a hybrid CRM system that no other company out there has, it will be released October or November this year...

Thereof in 15 years, a fortune one-hundred company. -Do assigned work
-Be on time.

Most others go not apply. Salary For A Newton Group ESA Manager $18.50 an hour, plus bonuses. Required Education To Pursue A Career As A Newton Group Elite Sales Associate -College degree is not necissary but makes chances more likely.

-A background in customer service always helps.

-A good handle on how to operate and use a computer.

-A background in management is also a bit of a boost if you are ambitiously aiming for a Management position.
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