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Zoo Prezi

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sarah hickey

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Zoo Prezi

Budapest Our Field Trip To the Zoo ABC's At the Zoo! By: Sarah Hickey, Maia Scarabelli, Morgan Dosch, Olivia Smith, & Austin Phillips Put Me in the Zoo
By: Robert Lopshire Pre Book My Visit To The Zoo Spot, a polka-dot leopard who can change colors and even juggle his own spots, tries to convince two children that he is special enough to be exhibited in the zoo. BY Phyllis Newman and Travis Foster If I Ran The Zoo
By Dr. Seuss Good Night Gorilla The book My Visit To The Zoo is a post book. This book is about a girl who takes a trip to the zoo with her cousin and she discovers how fun the zoo is and she sees and learns about all of the different animals and places around the world they live.

Curriculum area: science
For this lesson the children are going to decide what their favorite animal is. Then they are going to use the computers and find a picture of their favorite animal and where they live. After the children print out their animal they are going to glue the animal on the continent that it lives in. The goal of this lesson is to teach the children about the different regions of the world and where each animal lives. Lesson-
Curriculum Area: Math
The kids would roll 2 die and one of the numbers they roll would be one color of the number of spots the leopard gets and the number on the other dice would be a different color number of spots. They would use the paint dotters to draw the spots and would write the total number of spots on the bottom of the page. What's New at the Zoo? This story is about a boy named Gerald McGrew who visits the zoo and loves it, but soon after enters his imagination as to how he would run the zoo if he owned it. Each idea he has tops the one before it. They become more and more interesting each time he comes up with a new one. For example he first says he would unlock every cage and let every animal free. Soon after he creates an idea of imaginary animals that he would have if the zoo was his own. Pre Book Post Book- By Peggy Rathmann Lesson-
Curriculum Area: English

The kids would each listen to the story and choose two of their favorite animals to combine to make a brand new imaginary animal. The entire story is filled with animal mixes and would be a great way to identify pictures of animals and differing between two. The kids could also relate to the lesson by talking about a time they visited the zoo themselves and what animal was their favorite and what animals they would have like to have seen combined at the zoo. Post Book This book is about the various animals you may find throughout the zoo. As the book continues the zoo becomes more crowded and the animals begin to run into each other. As the animals bump into one another they say what part of their body hurts. This book will help the children learn about different features of different animals and can reinforce various body parts. Lesson Plan- Curriculum Area: Science As the children will read the book, they will complete a worksheet that goes along with it at the same time. The work sheet with have all the animals that are described in the book on it. When the animal is introduced in the book, the children will color in the part of the animals body that got hurt during the story. This will help with sequencing skills and will teach the children different parts of animals you may find at the zoo. The ultimate goal for the children by doing this lesson is to learn the various features of animals other than simple features such as nose. Some new things the children will learn are snout and trunk. When the zoo quiets down at night and all the animals begin to settle down, the zookeeper makes his rounds. On his way he says good night to every animal in the zoo. The zookeeper says good night to the gorilla, gorilla is not tired and is feeling very mischievous; following the zookeeper on his rounds gorilla lets all the other animals out of their cages. with few words, the books attention to small details is what sets "Good Night Gorilla" apart from any other children's book. Lesson: Curriculum Area: Art The children will create a gorilla of their very own. With a cut out gorilla body, head, arms, and legs. They will cut out the gorilla, color him in then, glue him down to a piece of construction paper. when they have finished this the children will then watch a video about gorilla's.
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