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SMS to Change Life

No description

Taipida Moodhitaporn

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of SMS to Change Life

Taipida Moodhitaporn SMS to Change Life Emergency Campaign
and Advocacy Long-term community development creating innovative and creative development solutions to contribute to transformational change Pink Phone Revolution (Cambodia) Ring for Change (Indonesia)
Women for Prosperity
(Oxfam's Partner) Partnership with
Ministry of Women Affairs
to expand from 3 to 15 provinces
with funding from Nokia. Moving forward Ring for Change Ring for Change is a project using mobile technology to empower rural women to monitor and advocate for budget allocation from the
local government
in Kupang, Indonesia. Some of these areas have no access to running water, electricity and are hours away from a market.

Women from one of these villages have successfully advocated for electricity through this mechanism. The project is scaled up with funding from the private sector High impact partnerships will provide expertise, knowledge, reach and resources

Telecoms Service Providers
Local and Regional technology partners
Working towards sustainability by working with the private sector and government Through weekly polls or themed questions sent by Oxfam's partners, the women are able to report the budget spending situation of the village. Responses from the women are then sent directly to the media to influence decision makers. Moving Forward Pink Phone Revolution Pink Phone Revolution video Oxfam’s Digital Vision aims use digital technology to increase impact by: Big picture Provided grants 1000 to purchase a total of 45 handsets for the women leaders market prices
flood warnings and
agricultural information started sending these women information regularly regarding via SMS

since they are now aware of market prices 600 women producers and support from these women leaders are able to receive information Women are able to and earn more income from the agricultural information negotiate prices of their goods Women also mentioned having a phone makes it easier to:

report domestic violence cases
call for help during medical emergencies
deliver news and keep connected to the outside world Pink Phone Movement: Project replicated in
Armenia Q&A Thank You
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