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Iraq war

joe's project

Joseph Jang

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Iraq war

The War in Iraq Demographic: High school Korean Students Question #1: What do you think is the reason for the US entering Iraq
and do you think that this is the same for the US remaining in Iraq? Answers: The 5 Korean interviews:
1. Katiey Choi

2. Florence Sea Hee Kim

3. Andrew So

4. Sehee Park

5. Patrick Seo Question Number 2: how do you think the Iraq war
affects US citizens in America Question Number 3: Is the war in Iraq necessary and if not, how so? Question Number 4: How has the Iraq war affected you as a person? Question Number 5: The US has spent over 718 billion dollars since the war in Iraq from 2001. For each soldier US citizens pay around half a million dollars, how do you feel about the economic situation for sending
soldiers to Iraq? Question Number 6: In 2007 there were 904 fatalitites and in April 2010 there have only been 21. even though the injuries are going down, do you think that we should still actively participate in the Iraqi war? Question Number 7: What are the pros and cons of the Iraqi war? Question Number 8: How does the war in Iraq affect the US relationship
with Middle Eastern countries? Question Number 9: Do you think that Iraq is in a better situation
then it was before the war? Question Number 10: In 2003, before the US invasion, there were 34,000 doctors who
were able to treat Iraqi people. However there are only 14,000 doctors remaining in Iraq.
How will this effect Iraq's future and do you blame the US for reducing life quality in Iraq? Personal Perspectives: "I think the us entered iraq on the false conception that iraq had wmd's when they were wrong and now idk for sure or a certain reason why they are keeping the troops there." "For bombing the twin towers
I think the us is trying to help the Iraqians idk if that makes sense." "The US entered Iraq because Pres. Bush is psycho.... hahaa. He blamed Iraq for 9/11 and started a war that shouldn't have even started, and the reason we're still in Iraq is just because the war already happened and they need to stay there." Answers "Because us hates iraqs
and we are still there
because we don't trust them"
"It affects us economically, the money
and socially , people lose the people
they love in Iraq." "Many of the citizens have family, husbands or sons participating in the war and must live everyday they are not with them in suspense and hoping nothing happens to their loved ones" "It doesn't..." "It used to effect us because the military was at risk during the war and a lot of them were dying, but now it's just aite. Not a lot of stuff going on right now with Iraq.. I don't think." Answers "No, because its not doing us any good." "I dont know how to answer that question because I dont know anyone but i guess that our world's turning more sinful and turning into a hateful environment." "No, its not necessary because we were under a false impression." "NO, there's nothing to fight there.. The war should be in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iraq has nothing we need. Pres. Bush first said for the military to go into Iraq for 3 major reasons, Weapons of Mass destruction, 9/11, and they're evil. None of that is true except the fact that they're evil, but they haven't done any harm.." Answers "It didn't affect me at all." "It hasn't." "It hasn't." "IT HASN'T." Answers "Sending Soldiers to Iraq is making the economy worse. "Sending more soldiers is unnecessary and since we are in such debt already i think we should pull back the troops and start digging ourselves out of this huge hole we have dug ourselves into, and the war in iraq is costing us billions that is unnecesarrily spent." "The war with Iraq is honestly pointless and waste of our money, it's basically ruining our economic situation by sending the soldiers because of how much we each have to pay, when the conclusion of the war will probably do no good to the US." "We have the money to do to send many of them to go and fight for our country I think fighting for our country is great it shows that you truly do love your country. But right now the recession and all its actually putting evryone in debt." Answers "No it's not cause we should all forgive each other we all make mistakes." "no..." "No." "NO!!!!!!" Answers Pros: None
Cons: Makes our economy worse. Pros:Showing off our power
Cons: Despair that families must go through, lives being lost, and money wasted along with the time invested wasted. Pros: Nothing
Cons: Wasting our money and wasting the military's time and has no point. Pros: Fight for the people you love
Cons: Fighting innocent people Answers "It doesn't affect the other countries." "I guess more like an intense relationship." "Bad it gives a wrong and frightnening impression." "I dont know what Iraq war is about so I can't answer that question. All I know is that our troops are in Iraq." Answers "Yeah, just a little bit." "I don't know." "Worse, much worse." "I think it was bad then and bad now." Answers "It will make Iraq worse and I blame US for it." "The future is looking bleak and I blame both Suddam Hussein and Iraq for starting all of this." "Doctors probably agree that it's a waste of time, and it decreased because the deaths decreased so they don't need much asistance as before and it doesn't really effect Iraq, unless it means we're winnning the war, and the US isn't to blame." "This will decline iraq's population more people wont have the medication and care they had before. Yes,I do blame the US." "The initial purpose of the US entering Iraq was suspicions of nuclear weapons in there. The reason for US remaining in Iraq is that they still think that Iraq can be a threat to them." "The majority of citizens are apathetic about the war but some may feel threatened by terrorists." "No because people are dying without reason and Bush has no more authority so its time for the war to end." "I just thought that this whole war was pointless in the beginning and that its been going on for too long." "Once again it is a pointless war so it is just pointless money being wasted. It can be spent on legitimate reasons such as poverty in Africa." "No we should not participate in the war at all at this point." "There are no pros and the cons are the amount of money lost and amount of fatalities." "It doesnt, it just created/creates more tension with terrorists." "No because the Iraqis live in fear now and some even hate us now." "This will cause more deaths for Iraq and yes this is somewhat U.S. fault because we caused many fatalities over there." My personal perspective:
I don't want to go into too much of my personal life. But I want to make a clear argument about the war in Iraq. I mean Obama, I really supported him and I thought he would do something so that middle class and lower class citizens would not have to pay to send soldiers to Iraq. I was really hoping that Obama would seriously do something about this, because he was mainly for the middle class. But after secondary research the war will still take up until 2011. However in 2002, he made bold speech against all war, and by now I thought he would have taken troops out. However if a man as smart as Obama is delaying the end of the war for another year and a half I think there is a clear reason and a secret roaming in the ranks of the US government. However I am against it, because I am paying a pretty big deal of money for a cause I don't support, and US troops are getting their bodies blown off for an unjust cause. I also found
out from the interviews that even though most people
are apathetic about it, they still feel that peace should
always be that answer, and the actions that the
US do not comply with their motives. I also
think that when Obama says 2011, he
really means 2014. Secondary Research:
Obama gave his Iraq speech in 2002 to opposing the Iraq war and making a bold speech against Bush.
He now declares that he wont be pulling out soldiers till 2011.
From 2001 to 2010, through taxes and etc. The US has spent over 720 billion dollars.
There has been over 4000 casualties and over 30,000 wounded US soldiers.
There are only 14,000 physicians left in Iraq from 34,000 because of the Iraq war.
72 percent of Iraqis dont trust the international forces and plan to stay that way.
Life quality has dramatically went down and people are living in poverty.
Employment rates shot up from 27 percent to 60 percent.
This war is pointless (Myself and my interviewers.)

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By: Joseph Jang
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