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Google Glass Marketing Prezi

No description

Joe St. Thomas

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Google Glass Marketing Prezi

Google Glass Selective Distribution
Common for electronics and computers
Few different retailer outlets
Best Buy
Similar to Apple
Maximum Profit Making Distribution Strategy Commercial Promotional Strategy Cost: Considerably high
Product comes with name brand frames, lenses, etc. which are all very expensive today.
Technology used in and for Google Glass is very expensive.
Competitors: Not many
Unique product, therefore few competitors
Price will not be cut for years because of high demand. Pricing Strategy cont. Price Leadership Strategy
Dominant competitor in this market.
Lead the way in determining prices.
Objective: Deliver to customer at reasonable price leaving enough room for profit.
Demand: Expected to be astronomical. Pricing Strategy Google Glass Price per Product Breakdown Introduction
Glass is still in its introduction stage, but is utilizing a revolutionary completely transparent marketing technique
Gaining mass amounts of attention
Trying to ensure its market break through on release

Will be maintaining and increases Google Glass everyday use, increasing variety of glasses styles

Remain the top dealer, through product evolution

Back out of advertising, but keep Glass on the market Product Life Cycle Google Glass is a new state of the art technology that is ideal for young business men and women who are looking for a way to balance all aspects of their lives on one device. Positioning Statement Social Media
“Everyone needs one!”
Personal Reviews
Minor improvements
Overall liked the product
“The Future of Technology”
Will be similar to the Apple iPhone spread of desire Marketing Research Is the idea that organizations are part of a larger society and are accountable to that society for their actions.

Google class will create a lifestyle change, new meaning of convenience.

Negatives: infringe upon privacy, another tool for government surveillance, another distraction while driving, safety

Positives: convenience, many capabilities, communication, connections, web browsing
Should consider profit responsibility, stakeholder responsibility, and societal responsibility Social Responsibility Influences such as; the purchase task, social surroundings, physical surrounds, or temporal effects.

Physical surroundings will be the most deciding situational influencer

Google always creates great physical surroundings Situational Influences are as follows; personal influence, reference groups, family influence, social class, culture and subculture.
Personal influence would be greatest sociocultural influencer.
Involves opinion leaders and word-of-mouth activity.
Highly praised and talked about Sociocultural Influences are as follows; motivation and personality, perception, learning, values, beliefs and attitudes, and lifestyle.

Perception will be the greatest physiological influencer factor for Google Glass
Working on creating the perception that Google Glass is a necessity, not just a luxury. Physiological Physiological Influences
Sociocultural Influences
Situational Influences Influences Impacting Purchase Decision Process for Google Glass It will be fairly inexpensive to market towards the younger business people because they stay updated on all of the latest technology trends
Marketing towards older generations will be more complex because they will not understand the purpose of Google Glass
Internet marketing is the best option in the beginning because Google holds a large portion of the market Marketing to Buyers of the Product Originate with young business men and women
People that want the newest, best technology that gives them the opportunity to complete tasks while they still have quality time with families and friends
Will come from middle to upper class incomes from the United States Buyers of the Product Technological
Public need for the best technology positive influence
Physical world is becoming and information system
First product of the kind positive influence
Pricing, distribution, product-related legislation, advertising, and promotion no affect Five Environmental Forces *Ability to have the Internet at Your Fingertips*

Distance, language, traveling positively influenced

Recession negatively influenced

Consumer income dependent could be positive or negative
Pricy negatively influenced Five Environmental Forces Opportunity
Capitalize on Innovation
Change consumer behavior

Product Failure
Market saturation
New entrants External Factors Strength



Threats SWOT Analysis As a Company - Public
Worlds largest Search Engine
+ many other business expiditions
Right now a very large share of the market
With current stock at 824.57 Google We need to compare the results of the marketing program with the goals in the written plans to identify deviations
Pricing- if it is reasonable compared to competitors
Positioning (head to head)-staying on top of competition (Apple)
Promotion-how effective it is
Distribution (selective)-how efficient, how costly, and how convenient
Product strategy-be futuristic, revolutionary, create buzz, adapt to existing prescriptions/glasses

How can we be sure it is effective?
Feedback, surveys, watch trend in sales, review public awareness and satisfaction, review a cost-benefit analysis, conduct market research and use benchmarks Evaluate Marketing Plan Poster The Product is Revolutionary
Tech Fashion

The Marketing is new and bold
Transparency is rare for hardware
Combats Apples secrecy approach

They are really maximizing the benefits of social media targeting and marketing
Google+ -Ads - #IfIHadGlass Reasons Glass will Succeed Overall What Glass will look like Product Strategy Head-to-Head Positioning
Google vs. Apple
Apple currently does not have any products similar to Glass so Google would have an advantage in the beginning.
Greater competition will help Google excel in the market because they will have more consumer recognition when Apple finally develops a similar product. Positioning the Product Focus Group
8 questions
Liked the product
Liked the appearance
Unsatisfied with features
Disliked the appearance
Overall only 5 of 10 would purchase the Product Marketing Research Strengths
Backed by Google
History of reputable products
Market testing

Risk of innovation Internal Factors As a Product
Voice Activated
Digital recording
Etc. Glass Thank You!!!!
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