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Smart Social Media

No description

Paxton Mittleman

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Smart Social Media

Google Yourself.
Let's Get Started
The Digital Footprint
Follow Up
Follow People
Check your Stats
Connect on LinkedIn!
After the Event
Live-Tweeting Time!
Smart Social Media
How to Make the Most of Live-Tweeting and More
Before the Event
During the Event
Every Day
What comes up?
The activity you accumulate online, which ultimately turns into your perceived digital image.
Where will you
go next?
1) Before The Event
2) During The Event
3) After The Event
4) Every Day
Look up hashtags for the event
Do some background research- know the who, what, where, when and why
Define your goals- WHO are you communicating with and WHY?
Fall Fair Hashtags
Get Multimedia Content!
Deep-Dive Tweeting
Tell a Story
Be a Human!
Engage with Other Tweeters
Incorporating external content relevant to the conversation to provide audience members with more information on the subject and further your goal as a communicator.
Read about the Industry: Mashable, PR Daily, AdWeek
Tweet about your experiences as a student
Search for opportunities (TWITTER CHATS)
Define your personal brand
Let's Practice
1) Tweet @hcat1221 about your experience at the #UDFallFair
2) Look up your Klout Score and tweet it out!
Credit for term: Erik Qualman @equalman
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