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5 Most Dangerous Sharks

I'm going to talk about the 5 most dangerous shark's.

Shamyya Nixon

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of 5 Most Dangerous Sharks

5 Most dangerous Sharks Great White Shark Bull Shark Tiger Shark Whitetip shark Shortfin Shark The great white shark leads all other sharks in assaults on people and boats, as well as human deaths. Presently, the great white shark has been attached with a total of 437 attacks, including 237 unprovoked attacks. Numerous scientists think that the bull shark gets off easy in terms of statistics and may actually be responsible for many of the attacks pinned on tiger sharks and great white sharks. The quickest shark, the shortfin mako, which has been timed at 20 miles per hour. The shortfin has only been charged for eight unprovoked attacks human it ranks second only to the great white shark for attacks on boats, notching up 20 in comparison to the great white's .
In one report, the mako's bite was enough to sink the boat in three minutes. For this cause, the shortfin mako may be the most dangerous shark -- for fishermen. Tiger sharks aren't looking to specifically consume humans, but then, they weren't specifically looking to eat lumps of coal, cans of paint, packs of cigarettes or Senegalese drums either. These things all been found in the belly of the tiger shark, which is known for its power to eat just about anything. The oceanic whitetip may only have five wanton attacks and one fatality on the books, but that's because it might be getting away with many of its crimes by not leaving any evidence.
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