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ME! ♥

No description

natalia rengifo molina

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of ME! ♥

*First of all like to thank deeply all that has made my family for my without them there would be nothing of what I am Today I'd like to talk about the life and what it means to me
did you know that i look to be happy, but sometimes I am not *Firstly, my family is all , my mom , my father , my sister and my pet also my friends are a very important part in my life because they help me make my life easier *Secondly, I want to tell a bit of my interests, since childhood I like hello kitty, my favorite food is pasta, i love the dogs, my favorite singer is MALUMA I like his songs, I stick a lot to people Let's begin by talking about my childhood that was wonderful thanks to my parents that help me in all my life, they have given me everything and have made me a great person Don't you think without them who I am now? *I ENCOURAGE YOU TO VALUE YOU LIFE, LOVE YOU PARENTS AND YOU THANK EVERYTHING TO GOD *TODAY, I HAVE WE DISCOUSSE ABOUT MY LIFE AND EVERYTHING THAT MEANS TO ME

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