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Rural Tourism

No description

Alma Balansag

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Rural Tourism

The Exotic Community Rural Tourism Living with Maestro Living by the water Living at the middle of rice terrace field Terms & Conditions
You will stay at Maestro house. You can explore the amazing living culture at The Museum of Classical & Modern Art. The ‘Maestro’ of Balinese Art House Nyoman Gunarsa The House House of Indonesian Comic Wayan Sudarmadja Activities -introduction to host family and orientation.
-visits to museums. wood Carving offering making Traditional Balinese Architecture Traditional Balinese Gamelan Music Balinese Cooking Balinese Traditional Dance Baket Weaving Bedulu Archaeological Tour Bali Spiritual (Hinduism) Lotok Homestay info from My Bali Homestay.com Alma Vellibestre Balansag Puri Sukmawati Tjok Anom a member of the local parliament in the Province of Bali, at Puri Sukmawati. Just have a Walk kokokan (white heron birds) Petulu village mountain biking Hindu Temple in Ubud The Ubud Palace Boat Tours Fishing in Bali Diving & Water Sports Sports & Other Activities Nirwana golf Exofly Paragliding Illusion Wayan Darma Homestay Wayan Dharma and his wife Legung Luwih The Host: Mustapa Be safe and stay with a Balinese family!
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om Wooden House Agroturism and Balinese House, Gianyar Why Bali is one of 18 thousand islands in Indonesia Capital: Denpasar
• Ethnic groups: Balinese (89%),
Javanese (7%), Baliaga (1%), Madurese (1%) • ReligionHindu (92.29%), Muslim (5.69%),
Christian(1.38%), Buddhist (0.64%)
• Languages: Indonesian (official), Balinese,
Indian languages (Hindi, Tamil) its unbelievable beauty, sincere
beliefs Genuine hospitality terraced hillsides tours open-air restaurants /Balinese gastronomy more activities Relax Gunarsa
Packages Terms:
Deposit will be charge minimum 50% from all payments
The packages is not include with flight ticket.
High & Peak Season Periods:
- High season period: July 1 – September 15, Idul Fitri/Lebaran.
- Peak season period: December 15 – January 15.
Bali Time Zone is GMT + 8 hours.
Currency is called Rupiah
Transportation, rent a car,motorcycles, taxis and Local transportation Denpasar Bali, Indonesia The House The House The House The House The House The House Facilities:
- 3 unit Bamboo house in the middle lush rice paddy terrace field
- Out door bathroom
- Flushing toilet
- Shower
- Verandah
- Garden
- Bale
- Hal Facilities
- 3 Double bedrooms with disable access
- 2 Double bedroom lodge style
- Bathroom with bathtub
- Shower
- Hot running Water
Others Facilities:
- Bicycle (additional charge)
- Motor bike (additional charge)
- Car (additional charge)
- Fishing deck
- Traditional Boat
- Fishing Tool From US$ 197 per person (Twin share)
From US$ 358 per person (Single)
(package 3D/2N) Price
From US$ 273 per person (Twin share)
From US$ 422 per person (Single) facilities :
• Total 7 rooms available, all rooms
• Washbasin
• Shower
• Flushing toilet
• Verandah
• Garden
• Bale The Host Prices
From US$ 249 per person (Twin share)
From US$ 406 per person (Single) facilities:
- Total 4 rooms available
- 2 rooms facing to the terrace and garden with indoor toilet
- 2 rooms outdoor toilet with private living room and terace
- Shower
- Safe deposit box
- TV
- Verandah
- Garden Prices
From US$ 0 per person (Twin share)
From US$ 0 per person (Single)
(package 3D/2N)
http://mybalihomestay.com/detail.php?id=36&homestay=Puri Sukmawati Home stay accommodations:
- Total 2 rooms upstairs: with own bathroom and air-conditioning.
- Lounge: modern furniture, LCD TV, DVD player, Wi-Fi connection - Dining area
- Kitchen Prices
From US$ 280 per person (Twin share)
From US$ 410 per person (Single)
(package 3D/2N) Home stay facilities
- Total 2 rooms
- Indoor traditional Bathroom & Flushing toilet
- Verandah
- Garden
- Parking
- House Temple From US$ 270 per person (Twin share)
From US$ 418 per person (Single) From US$ 0 per person (Twin share)
From US$ 0 per person (Single)
http://mybalihomestay.com/detail.php?id=44&homestay=Wooden House Home stay facilities
- Total 2 rooms
- Indoor traditional Bathroom
- Verandah
- Garden
- Parking
- House Temple
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