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no one deserves it

Haley Sweigart

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of bullying

No one deserves it!
That Is NOT Ok! It Isn't Fair Either!
People Usually Get Bullied Because they are different.
I'm Talking About Physical Bullying,
and Gossiping.
It can hurt someone's feeling,
and can hurt them.
Tell an Adult!!!!
To ALL The Bullies:
Don't Cry Around The Bully.
They WANT to make you upset!
When They See You Crying, That means they won.
They Will Continue Doing it!
if someone is calling you names,
Thank You To
Everyone Who Has Not Been A Bully :)
My Prezi :) Hope This Advice Helps,
It Helps Me, sometimes.
Thanks For Watching:
Pretend it's not hurting your feelings, so they LOST and will go away!
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