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No description

Landen Cress

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of Promethium-147

Since promethium can generate nuclear energy it could also be used as a bomb. With this being said you could create a small scale explosion with this stuff.
Promethium 147
promethium 147 may one day be very useful as a power source. It could also be a weapon. No matter what happens to it im sure it will continue to be useful as we advance
Promethium's half life
Promethium's half life is 2.62. The reason it is so short is because it is highly unstable and rather rare.
Promethium 147 is highly energetic. and therefore with it we can create a sort of nuclear battery. The nuclear battery is like a portable nuclear generator.
Isotope research: By Landen Cress
Promethium itself is a synthetic element itself. it glows in the dark
and has a high energy rate
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