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How to organise a SYPTL session

No description

CLE staff

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of How to organise a SYPTL session

How to organise a session Session checklist Remember to take DVD
Speakers notes
Activity/Answer sheets
Wallet cards (class set)
Survey forms Information sheet
Introductory email
Cold calling scripts A day in the life of a teacher 8:00 am - Arrive at school and prepare for the day.
8:30 am - Home room. Meet with class, mark attendance and offer support.
8:45 am - First lessons for the day.
11:00 am - Recess. Supervise playground.
11:30 am - Free period. Spend time correcting work.
1:00 pm - Lunchtime. Supervise playground.
1:45 pm - Lessons. Students are tired and disruptive
3:30 pm - Home time. Not for teachers as they may need to mark work or attend meetings. Some teachers may take classwork home to correct. Your local environment Establish a good relationship Making contact Scoping your local environment Finding a school in your area Following up
and confirming
details Be flexible Within a broader framework Contacting schools Getting ready to present
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