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The Spinning Match


Lauren Pohl

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of The Spinning Match

Science Standard! P.PM.04.53 Identify objects that are good conductors or poor conductors of heat and electricity. The Purpose of this Demo! The purpose of this demo
is to discover the science of static electricity and the friction that makes this matchstick rotate. THE SPINNING MATCH By: Lauren Pohl Lets do the Demo! :] 1. Place the nickels so that they are perpendicular to each other.
2. Balance the match on top of the vertical nickel. 3. Put the cup on top of the nickel and match. 4. Blow up your balloon and tie it up.
5. Rub the balloon on your shirt. Static Electricity and Weather! Ever wonder why you seem to be more static in the winter? Realistic Activities Students can try lying the match on the table and see if there is any static electricity after rubbing the balloon on themselves and putting the balloon over the match.

Students can experiment by rubbing the balloon on their shirts and putting the balloon on their heads to see if it will stick or not. They can also try placing the balloon on the wall to see if opposite charges will be on the wall for the balloon to stick on the wall. What Happened!? 6. Move the
balloon around
the cup! Strengths -Trying to balance the match
-Not being able to tie the balloon
-Takes patience CONCLUSION! The name of this demo was The Spinning Match.

The purpose of this demo
was to discover the science of static electricity and the friction that makes this matchstick rotate.

The important points concerning this demo were static electricity and friction.

RELATIVE HUMIDITY STATIC ELECTRICITY! When you rubbed the balloon, you gave it a negative charge.

The match has a neutral charge.

When an object has a negative charge, it will repel the electrons of other objects and attract that object’s protons. When the neutrally charged object is light enough, like the match in this case, the negatively charged object will attract the lightweight object. I'm sure you have noticed that the air is much drier in the winter.

If you are walking across a carpet, and creating friction with your shoes, and touch an object that has no charge or the opposite charge, the static is released quickly causing the shock you feel.

Another common, but dangerous, form of discharge of static electricity is lightning. Weaknesses -Affordable
-Everyone was able to do the demo
-Hands on
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