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The Rich and the Poor during the Industrial Revolution

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Sasha Prong

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of The Rich and the Poor during the Industrial Revolution

After the Revolution
The poor
After the Revolution
The rich
A Comparison of Classes
Before the Revolution
The rich
Poor Women
Before the Revolution...
The Rich and the Poor during the Industrial Revolution
During the Revolution
The poor
During the Revolution
The rich
The rich
The poor
We were only allowed to cook, clean and bear children and worked at home, using the cottage system...
...while the men worked jobs outside of the house.
I received a good education from a private school.
I lived in a huge house with many servants and I never worked.

I owned a business with my husband, but he took care of it.

For fun, I went to parties and fancy dinners
It changed my family and my working conditions.
I now worked in a factory because our home business was destroyed.
Most women looked for new jobs, including myself.
Some women tried to work on farms, but failed, so we had to work in factories.
But because there were so many of us, what we were paid was very little.
We did hard, dirty work, such as going into mines and pulling the carts of coal
I gained independence because I was allowed to keep my own money.
My business that I shared with my husband became even more profitable.
We could pay people less because there were so many in search of jobs.
I bought a car and hired a chauffeur to travel around the city.
The new steam engine trains allowed me to make friends in far away places.
We now live in a very cramped apartment with only two rooms for my entire family.
Since the revolution happened so fast, cities weren't built properly and now our city is dirty, disease-ridden and confusing.
I still work in a factory, and now all of my 8 children work as well to provide money for the entire family.
The Church is in charge of giving out charity, but we have yet to be on the receiving end of some money from them. They usually give it to the wrong people.
I am now living in an even bigger house because our business is making even more money.
We have lots of servants and I have 3 children.
The kids are very healthy and go to the best private school in the city.

The poor
Were rich before, during and after the revolution
Were poor before, during and after the revolution
Became capitalists and ran successful businesses
Lost their home businesses and became the workforce of the rich
Had good educations
Had little to no formal education
women working in factories and the coalmines
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