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The College Application Process

No description

Corrin Jasinski

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of The College Application Process

The Application
Online or Paper application
Print and Review before submitting
Seniors are responsible for completing and submitting their own applications
Make copies of all applications submitted
Application Deadlines
The Essay
Not all colleges require an essay
Essays are submitted electronically with Application
Essay Topic
Print and Review (with help) before submitting
Save All Essays
Essay Resources: BRHS Library, BRHS Career Center, public library, book store, internet
Test Scores
Seniors are responsible for determining the tests they need for applications.

SAT (for determining admissions)
ACT (for determining admissions)
SAT Subject Tests (for determining placement)
AP Test

Students need to be aware of Test registration deadlines.
Test Scores
Seniors are responsible for sending test scores to colleges
BRHS does NOT send test scores
Seniors can request to have their test scores sent when they are taking the test, or they can request to send them after by contacting College Board or ACT with a fee
1. Order Transcript through Parchment
2. Fill out Transcript Request forms:
One required for every school you apply to
Due at least 15 school days before application deadlines
The forms are online at lcps.org/brhs under School Counseling
3. Mid-year Transcripts are sent automatically in mid-February and include:
7th semester recalculated GPA
Class Rank
4. Final transcripts are sent automatically to the students college of choice by mid-June

Transcript Request Hours:
8:45 AM-4:15 PM Monday- Friday
You MUST hand your Transcript Request forms
to Ms. Jasinski- DO NOT leave Request forms on her desk!!

Secondary School Report
Most colleges require a Secondary School Report form as part of the application for the counselor to complete and submit.
There is no need to bring/send these to us. We use our own forms.

This form includes feedback from the counselor about each student, along with the opportunity to recommend the student for admission.

Letters of Recommendation
Counselor Letter
Research school's application process
If required, fill out the Senior Information Packet that can be found online at lcps.org/brhs
Teacher Recommendation
Only include a letter if the college asks for one
If a school requests one from a teacher, student needs to:
Make the request in person, at least 15 school days prior to the deadline
Pick up and fill out a Teacher Recommendation Request form from School Counseling.
Seniors should clearly communicate with the teacher how they are supposed to send their letter
The College Application Process
Broad Run High School
Types of Admissions
Early Decision

Early Action

Regular Admission

Rolling Admission
Application Summary
Senior submits application
Senior submits the essay (if applicable).
Senior has test scores sent directly to the college by the SAT (College Board) or the ACT.
Senior should request a transcript by Ordering a Transcript on Parchment AND submitting a Transcript Request form for each college to Ms. Jasinski in School Counseling.
BRHS will send a Secondary School Report to the college if one is required.
Senior may request letter of recommendation (if needed) from their counselor and/or teachers.
Senior should complete and submit the Senior Info packet at least 15 school days before the college deadline to their counselor.
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